Friday, June 4, 2010

House hacking

And you all thought that I’ll blog more during the holidays but ah-aaa, instead… it’ll be less.

Today marks day 3 of renovation.

June 2nd – New tiles for the living room and kitchen sink counter.

June 3rd – New tiles for the room and stove counter.

June 4th – 4 new doors and wall tiles for the bathroom.


P1110013 P1110015P1110012


NO! I’m not getting married! We’ve been living in this house so long and no renovation done before. So, you can imagine how buruk it was lah… My friends who’d been in my house would know what’s the other reason why it’s buruk-er. Even when the contractor came and checked, she was shocked to see that the house is so…. 80s, so different from the other bareks.

Will be having pale green for the bedroom! Wheee! Both our (my mom and I) choice! The color green is thought to evoke stress relief can~

So for the past 2 days, it was hectic for us. Moving all our stuffs out here and there to make room for the renovation and we’re all sleeping on the floor (with tilams) till the walls are all painted, sweep the floor multiple times and… I can’t even find my art block and color pencils for now. In fact, apart from my daily toner, moisturizer, sun block, laptop and charger… I can’t find any of my other stuffs.

For those who gets jealous because of the school holiday, there… you have me waking up at 7am like you all. Feel better now?

Having a puppet show this coming Sunday. I’m going to be the evil crocodile. Someone commented that because I’m always around with kids that’s why I can act cute voice.

dot dot dot

I’m a crocodile! Where got cute? I have a low manly voice for the role leh…


Painted these with Tobi for almost 2 hours. Don’t complain… I suck at it I know.

Bah, that’s it..


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