Monday, June 14, 2010

Snippets of my week 23, 2010

Pardon me for the lack of updates (almost a week! Eeseh!). Basically, my past week was so happening (running errands, catching up with school work, cleaning up the house and my buddy’s wedding!) that I barely had time to sit down and blog properly.

So here are just some photos that were taken last week.

#1 Went to make my new passport (cough, new identity) and it was like my best passport-making experience!

The whole process (including taking the number ticket and waiting) took me less than 20 minutes! Talk about efficiency! Probably because I went there at the right time, 10.30am that is. Based on my past experience in making any new documents (IC / Passport / Driving license), the best time to go to these departments are probably pass 10am.

You know, people always flocked in at like 7.50am or sharp 8.00am because they want to finish it early. But, since everyone has the very same thought, so… congested lor. Nobody makes IC / Passport at 10.30am because “it’s late already”. Hence, for me.. that’s the best time to go. Less waiting time, smiles everywhere because it’s near to lunch time and they’ll work faster too because of that.

Make sense?

#2 – Okay, this was not taken last week but just an intro.

We dined in Capers and look at the row of plates on the table. That’s like our 4th round and everyone was already super full. Yet the waitress told us there’s still 8 plates in the kitchen (Thank God she made an effort to ask if we still want it or not, of course we said cancel!). We thought maybe the orders were duplicated hence the non-stop flowing of food.

Scary experience what the banana!

#3 – The bikini tops (idea contributed by yours truly but artwork done by Giun) for the groom and his brothers to wear.

We stick the colour papers behind the disposable bowls because we only realised the night before that the poster color will wear off in contact with water. Knowing the fact that all men sweat buckets, we decided to stick papers beneath it so that their shirts won’t have two round print right on their chests.

#4 – My personal favorite. I’m naming it - “The African Beauty”. HAHHAHAHAHHA

#5 – The newly weds and the “sisters”

#6 – Took the opportunity to take picture (pasal all dressed up) with Bobby because Sue need to pay the member fee and I need to collect my mom’s water filter from Bobby.


#7 – Buddy-buddy


06 07
#8 - Boo

#9 – Gorgeous bride with the Princess Diana wave

34 33
#10 – My tall tall love. We looked cute together kan kan kan?

#11 – Table 39 with the newly weds

#12 – Love this picture to bits!  


#13 – Celebrated Yuen’s advance birthday at Charcoal’s.

#14 – Clean up my shoe shelf today!

Er.. only the top 2 shelves belong to me. Meaning, I don’t have much shoes.

P1110197 P1110198
#15 – The new look of the bathroom, with the $200 tiles (both bathroom and toilet)

I think it’s a Chinese thing to have the barrel to “save water for no rainy days”. 


- end -

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