Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A change of food preferences


When I recalled the kind of kid I was when it comes to food, I see myself as this fussy, annoying and cranky little princess (in terms of character and attitude, not appearance) picking out all the veggies on my plate and refusing to eat if any fried shallots or garlic found.

As you can see, I was a spoilt child.

I hated fried rice the most because of the mixed vegetables in it. The only time I touched the plate of kangkung / sawi was scooping the sauce out when the rice was too dry. I would cried and threw tantrums just because there’s a single stalk veggie in my fried kueh tiaw. Super hak-yan-zhang lor.

Then, as I grew older.. especially after 25, I found myself enjoying eating veggies more. Though, bitter gourd is still something I cannot swallow (unless thinly sliced, fried with telur masin). I don’t frown anymore when I see capsicums in the pizza, I can eat onion raw, even garlic(!) when it’s with soya sauce. Mmmm…. bakuteh!

Still, I’m not a fan of green leafy vegetables. I’m okay with it, but.. not liking it, especially the stalks. Well, kangkung, kailan and xiao-bai-cai okay lah. But, I love all non-green leafy veggies! Brinjal and broccoli, yums!

I guess, it’s because I’m now more aware of health issues or… aging actually contributes to change of preference in food?



**~Pu-3~** said...

lol~ i was the same like you. I guess most kids don't like vegs, simply because they taste kinda bitter hahaha i donno.

But i started to love them once i study abroad simply because i have only a few options to choose from. Fish too! i hated seafood, now i love them. My fav meat are not halal here T_T

Im still not cautious of my health since i take in a lot of sugar :P But yea i think its becoz of the age, because i do start to get worry about my diet (altho i havent control them) I should control myself now

Ina Honey said...

same as me...i never liked green veggies...but as i age more, i tried my best to eat more n more veggie..well force myself actually hahaha

RL said...

eh!? I am similar to you girls then! lol... I think by age 20 I was still picking onions out of all my dishes.. and made my meal looked so boring.. but to me it is now safe to eat~ lol

Anyhow that's all changed after around 22, I appreciate all kinds of food, and esp garlic and spring onions :D~~~ yummo

I think parents should make vegetables fun to eat! that's what I will do for my kids hahaha