Friday, June 25, 2010

Curiousity kills your wallet



I received my credit card statement and was shocked to see that, for BND50.00 I withdraw (out of curiosity + lazy to walk to another bank’s ATM + my HSBC ATM card got makan-ed because I’d not used it for more than a year)… I was charged BND19.00!!!!


That’s like 38% of the amount I withdraw can!
Really man… *cough*loanshark!*cough*

So, today I took the opportunity to ask the bank staff after I collected my new ATM card and also opened a fix d. just to maintain my credit card. She told me that, for advance cash (withdrawing from your credit card), the charges is

BND15.00 + BND2.50 + 2.5% of the amount withdraw…
That’s how I got the BND19.00 charged.

*regret regret regret regret regret thump chest thump chest thump chest regret regret regret regret thump chest thump chest thump chest*

P/s: Another tip, if you withdraw cash from your ATM card in oversea, you’ll be charged BND4.. or was it BND4.50 I can’t remember.


Starboykb said...

Never withdraw money using your master or visa credit card even the bank staff never recommend us to do that. ^^

I once did that and charge for $20.00. Starting from that day onward I always used ATM card and applied other branch for just in case.

Tina said...

It's unfortunate you found out this way, but it's better than withdrawing BND100, I bet. Hehe. I know the charges of withdrawing overseas, though. It's in the receipt, if I'm not mistaken. That's why when I go overseas, I only withdraw big sums of money at a time. Sayang bah, paying for charges.