Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love Love Love E(bay)-Shopping!


Everyone knows how much I hate it when I walk in a shop and sales attendants start to tailgate me and trying to make small talks convincing me to make purchase.

And then, I discovered E-shopping!
No need to talk to anyone.
Don’t like the price, don’t buy.
All the latest stuffs which is not available in Brunei yet.

No, I’m not talking about blogshops.
As a matter of fact, I still have not pop my “buying from local blogshops” cherry.

I’m talking about…….. EBAY!

*cue gasps from audience*


I don’t know why some people gave me the “OMG! She dares to buy things from Ebay! Secondhand stuffs! Fake! Later people don’t kirim out how?! Rosak one! Tipu one!” looks when I told them I got it from ebay. Especially with that disgusted tone.


For most, Ebay is like a myth. Some says its good, some says it’s bad, mostly, EVIL and ADDICTIVE! And what motivated me to dare dare press the button to confirm bid was when my colleague bought an authentic Coach bag. Yes, authentic! With the card, box, receipt and even dust bag! NWT! And it did arrived to her doorstep. Then, I took out my credit card and signed up for Paypal, testing testing dulu. The first thing I bought from Ebay was…. erasers.

Hehehee. What? As if you all don’t know I love erasers and collect them.
(And I’m thinking if I should open a hobby blog just to showcase my precious.
Iwako erasers for my birthday?)

Because it’s not very expensive and, if really hilang or whatever unfortunate happens to the parcel, at least I won’t feel that bad. Take it as a lesson lo. But it did arrived!

Then I started to buy more and more stuffs…
But never exceed $100 lah.
All small small items ranging from gadgets like my QuikPod to I don’t know…

I’d help others get their stuffs from ebay too because not all has Paypal, to the extent that, I visited the post office like twice a week. Sampai the staffs there no need see my card also could find my items, and also those lovely custom officers. When they saw me, they would ask, “Apa barang kali ini?”


I don’t know ah. The feeling of receiving mails are damn good bah!
It’s like Christmas!
You don’t know what’s inside till you open it up.

The parcels that I received yesterday, all from Ebay sellers.


Keyboard skin – USD 3.50.
Free shipping.

Fit fit my M1330! Not those longgar-longgar one for whatever inch size.
It fits all the keys on my keyboard well~

Lipocils (recommended by friends for longer lashes) – USD 18.00 *cough cough*
Shills Miss Perfect Pores Hide Makeup Primer Foundation – USD 7.00
Free shipping.


My very vintage-looking camera case, I love I love! – USD14.88
Free shipping.
With battery case and straps also la of course. 

The most expensive!

Bobby’s super old football comic that costs a bomb (in my opinion). But that’s his only obsession so I guess it’s okay. He’s not into cars, not into expensive sports, not into alcohol, doesn’t smoke, gamble and even baju also buruk-buruk one. These comics are what he really loves so can lah, eventhough it’s a little expensive.

He had been bugging me last few days (EVERYDAY!)
“Bi…. my books arrive already?”

Yesterday, after collecting the parcels from post office, I text him,

“Hohoho! Merry Nonniemas! Gimme chocolate milk and cookies and I’ll give you your comic books!”

“Alright yeah yeah. How does Patchi and Famous Amos sounds? This is the best news I’ve heard for today. You’ve made my day. Thank you”

“No. I want Starbucks Caramel Mocha. That one enough liao. Hehehe. I wrap 10 layers of newspapers, put cellotape somemore, see you frustrated unwrapping it more fun”

“You got yourself a deal. Why not put it in a cake? Hahaha”

“Kanasai! Its suppose to make you cry one. Tabalik kana you request for cake lagi. I really kalah”


p.s: Anyone in UK can tolong source it? Mahal wah the shipping! Bobby still has some outstanding issues to complete his collection.




And, I just won this (pretty baby) bid from Ebay yesterday.


Gossip Girl inspired feather headband – USD 4.50 (Free shipping)
Buy it now price – USD 9.99.

(Hah! Damn good bargain kan?)

These “in” headbands are ridiculously priced in local (blog)shops and I couldn’t even bear to watch them. The karit-ness in me just say no.


And and, my colleague bought a sidekick from Ebay too!
Unlocked! For only $100+

Of course, I do know that there’s some risks in buying stuffs from ebay because it’s not there to hold and try. But, my advice is… read the feedbacks of the seller, establish communications and… don’t buy things yang mahal-mahal lah. Because mahal one I also scare won’t sampai or kana tipu. LOL. You want good bargains, must do a little homework mah.

Please don’t hold me responsible if you want to buy things from ebay and the things never sampai, or is different from what you expect ah.


48 said...

aiyar.. u got buy erasers from ebay meh?
Then the ones i bought for u in japan how? no need send liao ..?

Effy said...

hehe. i bought stuff from ebay as well. its important to read all the necessary information before ordering. it's the responsibility of the buyer and once you letak harga thats it. tak boleh tarik balik. not necessarily second hand also what right?

Nonnie King said...

48 : Of course need lah! I didn't buy a lot and sure different one mah.

You finally appear liao ah! Few days I don't receive your email. Thought where you go.

Effy : Yalo yalo! I love ebay!

fluffy sheep said...

yeah i Coach..ooh!!!so addictive and evil ebay..wahahhahahhaha

WaterBased said...

I have been doing online shopping for two years already through a friend's source. Now I have to look for another source since my friend's source has decided to retire. I might give ebay a try. I am also looking at vPOST in case some of the items are not available in ebay. Eh the liposils (something like that) works or not? some of my friends have short lashes too.

Nonnie King said...

Sheepy : You're the reason why I started ebaying!

Max : I still dunno yet wor. Let you know in 28 days ah.
vPost seems a bit complicated to me, ebay very straigh forward. Just that you need a Paypal account lo.

Imaan said...

I loveeeeeee ebay!!! Though I am not as lucky as you where most of the products you bought offers free shipping!

I have been paying for stuff using credit cards saja as I applied for paypal once and somehow there was glitches during the registration processes. After reading your post, I feel the need to try and open a paypal account again.

Awu, jangankan receiving the parcels...receiving those brown and/or pink cards from the local post office can already make me hyperventilate!!!

Anonymous said...

I love e-bay shopping too :) glad to know there are Bruneians who enjoy ebay shopping as I do... I also come across people who say negative things about it but far so good and its cheaper!