Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Took a walk down the memory lane


I did took a walk literally. 


I had always felt like an (self-titled) outcast for the past 5 years of my secondary school life. I don’t know, I’m just so different from the majority because I had to walk back home, on the long stretch of road alone.

*sulk* I wished so hard that I live along Jalan Perakong, or maybe Lumut, Labi or Sg. Liang because syok bah, so many people walking together heading to the town, bidding bye to every single person when they reached their destinations. Me leh, walked alone like sa-po one.


The 10-minutes walk.

I was really stupid and rebellious… Because I thought I would have look really stupid holding a navy umbrella with super auntie floral print and, malu bah. You know lah, teenagers really want face one. So no matter how hot it was, or how heavy the rain, I would stubbornly walked home without umbrella.

Unless, its my super-chio transparent umbrella which I could only use during the rainy days. Hahhahahhaa. Useless.

So ya, you don’t need to ask why am I so tan already. No la, the skin tone is hereditary one. Just bluffing cannot meh?


I hated it so much whenever people asked me why I had to walk home. Why I so kasian one? What the.. walk home very kasian meh? Chew. No rice to eat baru kasian lah! Then without waiting for my answer, they terus interrupted and asked again.

”Your father leh? Your mother leh? Why they let you walk one….?”

Don’t know if really kuan-xin (care) then ask one or just kaypo (busybody) want to find new topic to gossip nia….

Hence, the super stubborn me only allowed (or granted, eesehman, macam so steady) certain people to send me home when they saw me so kerlian walking. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

Awwww… I miss those days that I would just wait for 48’s papa with her in tuition or whatsoever ojipala things/places to 搭顺风车. Hehehhee.


Then hor, also got some bugger (a tuition mate whom I was not so close with but he sibeh samseng one. Neh, those 16 years old still in Form 1 one. I’m sure you know people like that) who would throw rubbish through the window trying to aim at me or pointed his middle finger at me when I walked past. Ya la ya la, you got car to sit lah, you steady la got keropok to eat lah.

*roll eyes*



This, was where the weekend tamu used to be located, causing traffic jam every Saturday. Crazy I tell you, there’s 3 schools in that area so go figure how bad the traffic was. But, I miss it lah. 

Sometimes, if I was not too lazy, I would wake up extra early to go to tamu with my mum wearing slippers (and my socks and school shoes in the car) in anticipation of asking my mum to buy me the siew-mai or fried meehoon or those Tora/Ding Dang. But, in return, I had to wait for her to finish her grocery shopping and carried those heavy plastic bag asking myself, why oh why, why my mum didn’t have those trolley or basket like other aunties do. So senang lah, not like me, carried till like a dog.

(But good also lah, because when those aunties saw me they would say, “Wah… your daughter ah? So kuai hor help you~". Hehehe. Satisfies my 虚荣心 (in terms of compliment) for a while.)

Sigh, those were the days.
Boh…… I also super long time don’t company my mum to tamu liao.
But, don’t want lah. Later those people start asking what I do and got boyfriend liao or not then the million dollar question again, WHEN KAHWIN?

(Not stressing you ah Bobby Lim. HAHHAHAHAHHHAAHHAHA)

Sien, I kahwin or not guan-ni-pi-shi (none of your business) ah. Not like you’re going to give me B$500 angpao. Your problem meh if I cannot get married? Cannot is lao-niang don’t want to marry one meh? 



To PSL who flied me aeroplane.

Nah, because you didn’t walk with me, made me look like some sort of crazy stalker taking pictures of St Margaret’s lah. Wen (48), remember the buruk-buruk wooden block next to the canteen, nah, now become like this liao.

Talk so many years finally got see something liao. Wanna go back during the 60th anniversary? But, don’t want lah, sure there’s nobody we know there liao. Wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Ravi will still be here or not..





I miss our class eh. F5 Science.

On the last day of school, we took off the bulletin board in our class, had quite a few screams because lizards and spiders were fleeing the scene, and took our pens and markers leaving traces behind. Eh eh. “Leaving traces” behind ah, not vandalizing. I remember during the 50th anniversary, I could still find my handwriting at one of the red bricks outside the class. Hahahhahaa.

Unfortunately, our ”traces” didn’t stay there for long. They painted the wall and our junior terpulang jadi copycat and did the same.

Really lor, I think our juniors damn un-creative.

With Chin Kang and Ah Kai, our stage decorations damn cool one. Then our batch was the first batch to have fashion show for Teacher’s day. Then hor, our junior copied also. We had helium balloons with ribbons (and had hell much fun inhaling it and talked like cartoon) in the hall for I forgot what function already. We made banners. We had dance performances (with no instructor! We’re our own instructor okay!)…… Year of Ninety.. okay, I better not say it here. I know how kaypo juniors can be, flipping the school magazine laughing at how ugly/ silly looking the seniors looked. Class photo wor, nobody looks good in class photo, especially when it’s taken outdoor with the blazing sun and everyone had to squint their eyes and had their face squeezed like a ball.




“Be strong and of good courage!”


48 said...

60th anniversary is in 2016 wor!!
will be like so old liao go back no one recognise oso..
but go back quick quick look see oso not bad
SL aeroplaned u meh? the housewarming isit?

48 said...

i oso 搭 ur mama 顺风车 enuf lah..

Nonnie King said...

Ya lah, I text him from 5pm ask him jadi or not. Ask in fb lagi, this guy ah.. never reply straight straight one. Always da-fei-shuo-wen.

Then hor, 7pm baru reply say he still in kb. useless.


@lex said...

Hei .. need to be like that meh..
what can do if cannot use the phone when working on high-magnetic tools.. :( ..
but got improve liaw..reply after 2hrs.. NOT 2 days.. hehe ...

60th anniversary!? gosh long way to go lah .. maybe instead of going as an alumni.. you go and attend child's school function .. hehe

@lex said...

OH ! .. nearly forget.. NO i am not on land yet ... someone abandon me here.. don think i'll be back anytime soon ..
but hopefully by next week .. :'(

Chris Chong said...

Hi Nonnie, how come this post is so emo?? haha, well you remind my childhood too, that when i was still studying secondary and all those school stuff and also your post touched my heart too :( (So Gan Tung)

Anyway, can I use your seria pictures to upload at Seria, Brunei Account on FB?? It's ok, if you think it's too personal.

Have a nice day :)

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