Friday, October 2, 2009

My Make-up Quirks


iI had long discovered that my procedures of putting on make-up (something which I’m still not very good at… still learning ba, gimme time gimme time gimme time) is quite different from others.

The usual steps will be,
Primer – Foundation – whatever you want to do your face
Then, eye brow pencil, eye shadow,eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner…

Usually lah~

If I’m going to put on make up, the first thing I do after eyebrow pencil is… put on the mascara. Then baru curl. Sigh sigh sigh. No thanks to my heavily Chinese Foochow sepet eyes with dwarf-like eyelash length, I have to do things differently.

If I would want to curl my eyelash first, it will result in me… kiap-ing my heavy eyelids. I have lost count how many times I ter-kiap my eye lids with the eyelash curler so now I am using the cheap Watson heated one. I must elongate my eyelash first, baru can curl. Else, curl what curl?

Reason why I do my eyes first before my face (super tabalik from most people) is because, I have damn clumsy hands and always end up dirtying my face, with bits and pieces of eye shadow powder, or eyeliner bits falling on my face. So, no point lah, if I put on powder on my face first.. in the end also have to remove and reapply.

Super envy experts (in my eyes) like Maurina, and even Atul is catching up on me I think. Remember that time when I travelled with Mau, she only needs like 5 minutes to get it done! Gorgeous sparkling eyes~!

Once Sol and I decided to have a make up slumber party (ya, just the two of us, a bit lame I know. But who cares? As long as we had fun!) we put make up on each other and when it’s Soly’s turn, she was stuck and went.. “I DUNNO HOW TO DO YOUR EYES! IT’S SO DIFFERENT FROM MINE!”


I always thought it’s a lot easier to put make up on big double-eyelid eyes because they already have super good condition to start with. And my eyes, macam A4 paper, so blank and flat!

I know, everyone says smokey eyes will look good on me, but… tak kan I everyday smokey. Day time also smokey later my students think I kana tumbuk ah. Hahahhaha.


Tasha said...

There are a lots make up tutorials by youtubers. my fave is Lauren luke (panacea81). Actually, it is best to do your eyes first then your face. Like you said.. it could get messy.
As for smokey eyes.. you don't need to use black/grey color for smokey eyes.. you can use brown and dark brown for daylight. (=

I heard lipocils work great to make your lashes grow longer.

Bobby said...

I love your eyes the way there are :)

-dee- said...

have u tried youtube like tasha said? I looooove Lauren Luke. She's really good. There are many tips for makeup on youtube for different types of eyes, face etc. Good luck!

ps: try lipocils. I can get a friend to help order. =)

Nonnie King said...

Tasha & Dee : Thanks for the tips girls! I think I'd read about lipocils somewhere. I'll go google it up!

Bobby : Because you're a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Blepharoplasty - short and simple.

Nonnie King said...

I wanted... but, everyone rejects.

Anonymous said...

Eh? It's your eyes, so the decision is yours. If it will make you happier and improve your confidence etc, I dont think it's a big deal. It's not just about physical change. Aesthetic surgery is about mental health as well. But I understand that it's hard for many bruneians to accept things that they are not exposed to. It's actually a very short and simple procedure.

Nonnie King said...

Dunno lah, I've been going back and forth with that decision. Big round eyes look gorgeous, at the same time, i think my sepet eyes is like my signature also.

Hahhahaa. Self-conflicting

اتولِ said...

LOL. Namaku adalah! Hahahaha On the topic of MAKEUP! Never dulu, did I think I would be mentioned in this category. LOL

Tasha said...

As for Blepharoplasty you just need to research the risks and stuffs. Understanding what's involved in blepharoplasty and weighing the benefits and risks can help you decide if this procedure is a good option.

But if you're pretty satisfy with the way your eyes look (which i don't think it look bad at all). With right technique of applying eye colors will help a lot! (= A friend of mine (bonita) use Lipocils and it worked for her. This is her blog

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Hahhahaa! Of cos ada. You're getting more and more skillful on that already.

Tasha : Heehehhe. I'm actually bidding one in ebay now. =p