Saturday, October 31, 2009

A proud D.I.E-r


After 10 months of going back to student’s life and not forgetting to mention, salary-less for that long period of time, stressing myself out wondering how was I going to cope with pressure of paying my monthly expenses without asking a penny from my parents and the kiasu-ness in me of wanting to prove to the rest of the world that I can, or actually, it’s just me myself, I finally made it through!

With flying rainbow colors lagi~

Auntie I mean, Mom (I seriously need to quit the habit of calling my mum auntie just to tease her) and Chocolate Pau.

  • Using ITB robe because it’s borrowed from a friend’s friend, *cough* F.O.C.
  • Many thanks to Soly for lending me her killer pointy heels which I tak sanggup to wear for more than 15 minutes and also Norol for lending me the super nice $40 tudung because the one provided was too starchy and made me look like a super Pau!
  • A kind pretty young girl who lend her black diploma robe for photoshoot too. Hahahhhaa.
  • Yeap, head to toes all pinjam orang one. Tudung, robe, shoes~
  • Karitness rocks!
  • Alex said, “Wah bargain convo! You memang terror”
  • Of course, don’t play play~

(The killer heels mentioned above. I nearly died walking up from the carpark to ICC lah!)

(Pau or not? Pau till no tomorrow ah! – Photo taken during full-dressed rehearsal)


Hahahhaha! Like my friend said, “Eh nebermine bah, you got Lulus dengan Cemerlang, who cares you Pau or not….”

True true true.

*Hidung tinggi*

Hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa hwa!

Not yet not yet.
Got one more more steady one. Scare die you I tell you!


Pardon me for being such a kanasai lansi girl.
I just couldn’t help it….

What? I didn’t buy anything to “encourage” myself okay…
So just let me puji-diri in my blog la.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t get anything, NOTHING, TAK ADA, for this super blink-till-you-blind-flying-colors-result lor.

Sad hor?

Why oh why?
Can someone (in UBD) tell me why am I not awarded the book prize?

In-service no need encouragement?
One-year diploma course is not as important as others?

So yeah, just bear with me for being so snobbish here.
I need to balance sikit.


Anyway, I was interviewed by Pilihan this morning (I think it’s just a random pick) and… I think I was tad too straight-forward….

“Tell us more about yourself. Your name and the course you took”

“Hi, I’m Nonnie and I took Diploma in Education bracket in service”

(Ya, WTFish to the max right? I actually did said out the “bracket in service” … –_-?)

After like 3, 4 questions answered….

“So, can you give any suggestions, tips or any comments to those who’s currently working and maybe can take course like you?”

“Go for it! Better salary and job perspective! Why not right?”

Good Nonnie very good… You just told the whole world how much you love money.
Very good.
Super good.

“And are you going to further your studies again in the future?”


“It would be in UBD or overseas?”

“UBD… because it’s nearer to home.”


You see Nonnie King, this is why you suck in networking and socializing.
Cannot think of better answers meh?
Why didn’t you mention UBD is very good, I love UBD that sort of answers meh?
Ee yer!

But to be honest, I would be really really grateful if I can take degree or even master in UBD. I don’t ask for much, I just to improve/upgrade providing better future for my family and also next generations.

Anyway, I have to wait till my friends upload photos to FB then I can share with you all my convo pictures. I super obey the rules loh. I didn’t brought bag, food,camera and mobile phone in the hall, unlike most of my friends who smuggled in those stuffs putting them all in a clutch and put it under their armpits.

So yeah…
Blog again soon.

This is, I think, maybe last entry categorized under “A Student’s Life”.



Syahirah Yakob said...


Nonnie King said...


Bobby said...

Congratulation my cute little Einstein!

Anonymous said...

Hi nonnie, congrats!
Btw just wondering, aren't govt in service teachers paid salary? Because i'm a teacher as well
and from my understanding I thought in service doing course at Ubd or any other university still get their salary monthly?

Nonnie King said...

Because I'm a PR.
Soon to be a citizen :)

48 said...

wah seh.. results si beh colourful worr..
congratualtions ha.. and what's pilihan? radio or tv o?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! That's a very very awesome results. I'm jealous! Hehehe. And congratulations for your soon-to-be-citizen status too ;)

Nonnie King said...

48 : Radio darling. Hehehe

Anonymous : Thanks!!! I'm very excited.

Jewelle said...

Congrats Nonnie! Definitely must go for next level some day ... I can definitely see you as a Dr. Nonnie King :-D

ichig0 said...

i see ur results my eyes also wanna pop out! very steady loh u!! LOL congratulations on getting straight A's and graduating!! =D wahh must 'feng' u as my idol now HAHA

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Really really hope so. I still wanna study and just pray that the government is going to support lor.

Ichigo : Boh pien, I kiasu... Hahhahaha. 10 months of not having salary and have to pay school fees lagi, I die die must get good results to make myself feel better.

Anonymous said...

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