Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updates for Week 43


Paiseh hor… Had been really malas to blog.

Okay, just some photos and happenings last week… or, last last week. Heh heh.


Cooked Tofu Longan for DoraMabel’s birthday party.

My mum’s recipe is really easy.

- 1 can of Ideal milk (evaporated.. I think?)
- 1 packet of agar-agar mixture
- 9 bowls (small – those we use for soup) of water
- 1 bowl of sugar

Mix all together, stir slowly until boiled.
Add to tray and chill.

That’s how you make those soft tofu!

Then, add longans and fruit cocktails (and also those syrup from the can la)
I a bit kiasu la… I frozen up those longans to give them some crisps.
I didn’t use any ice cubes as it will dilute the liquid.
If you really wanna add ice cubes, I suggest you use the syrup and frozen them up into syrup-cubes~

No shortcut one if you want it to be delicious. 


Not bad eh. The first to habis you know my longan tofu!
Muahahhahaaa. *Big nostrils*

Had a crazy bouncer night.

It was so damn fun that everyone went home with bruises and scraps. Threw water balloons and James even dropped ice cubes on me.




Had a major make-over, okay, maybe not make-over, more like… pusing sini pusing sana itu meja kerusi. Ah! More like change feng-shui, in the staffroom.
The after-mess

Plenty of PSJ’s pets (spiders, lizards and dead bodies of all sort of insects) came out to play.


I love where I’m sitting now. Even if it’s like, 4 steps away from my previous seat.

4 of us get to sit together! Yipeeeeee!!!!
Next to me is Vicky.
Opposite is Shirley.
Next to Shirley, is Rohana~

The pudding dog is mine.
Straw hat and the black Macbook belong to Vk.
Green Asus is Shirley’s and the pink Mac is Rohana’s.

I was like,
“Move all your files away! I must see your face! No obstacles blocking my view!”

Wek wek wek~
Happy Happy~

You have no idea how our colleagues feed us!

Few months ago when we still have Ckg Aisah, we had soto, kampung fried rice, cucur everything everyday! Have to admit, most of us suffered from food-depression when we walked to her (ex) table just to realise she’s not there anymore.

But fear no more… We still have plenty of other colleagues who cook for us.
Heh Heh Heh heh!
Or, they’ll order food.

It was crazy last Thursday, we had…..

CRABS!!!!! Ketam for breakfast! No kidding!

Along with curry chicken, plain rice, tumpi, mee goreng and mee tiaw goreng!
No kidding.

So please, I don’t need you to tell me I gain weight.
I know.

It’s impossible when you have breakfast like that everyday you know.
(Plus, my mum prepares breakfast for me every morning too. I really eat like a “king” in the morning no play play!)


Oh, we they had been eating durian quite often these days too.
Cucur tarap, bubur durian, cucur everything!



Aw… I PSJ!   


WaterBased said...

Cool... I will use your recipe version to make tao fu fa. The original recipe is damn complicated.

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

Wow. Mabel is still getting skinnier. Make her eat more!! :P

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