Saturday, October 3, 2009

It’s MID-AUTUMN Festival, not MOONCAKE Festival!


Okay, let me be really straight here.

It annoys me to no end when I see people writing or saying
“Happy Mooncake Festival".

Gosh! If you’re not Chinese okay lah… But, oi, Chinese out there, we’re not celebrating because of mooncake lah, can? Damn throw face, sendiri punya festive also can say wrong name

We say 中秋节 and not 月饼节 lah! How can you all get this wrong?????????

Moon Festival also can, but not “mooncake” festival!

Same goes to those people who call 端午节, 果粽节 lah!






Hope the weather will be good tonight so the kids can come out play lantern.

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