Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Convo Drama




Eee yer!

She had been next to me whenever we’re seen together wa!
We have the same pace, same thoughts, same type of silly humour that only both of us understand.

Ai yer!

And her melodramatic-self today screamed the same in FB too.


So funny Mett’s comment lah.

Anyway, tomorrow have to reach ICC by 6.15am ler.
Meaning, have to start driving from Seria at 5am… maybe?
I just hope I won’t snooze my alarm.

And hor, I was super-duper mad at this stupid time-waster on Monday. She made me waited for her for 45 minutes!!!!!

Okay la, I know if you have to minta tolong from someone, have to tahan la… But then, this one … I really don’t know what to say lah.

I have zero patience when it comes to punctuality! 15 minutes of waiting time is like my maximum tolerance already.

Before that day, I had already texted her that I would be going to BSB on Monday and meet her in the afternoon since she lives in Tutong. And on Monday itself, while I was on my way back to Seria, I sms-ed her asking for her address. But with my limited knowledge on geographical location in Tutong, I opted for an easier choice, let’s just meet at Hua Ho Tutong, if it’s not too far from her.

She replied, Ok. Are you coming from KB now?

No, I’m already in Tutong.

Ok, just wait. I take shower first.

What the……
I already told her that I was in Tutong liao yet she wanted to take a shower first.

So okay la… no choice.
I need the favor from her.
Cannot complain….

I texted her again telling her that I need to get back to Seria by 3.45pm.
And it was approaching 3pm that time.

So I waited …. and waited… and waited in Hua Ho. I got nothing to buy and I suck in shopping. Very sien la…

Then 3.30pm liao (30 minutes okay! I don’t wait that long for people one.) , she’s still not here yet.
I sms-ed her asked if she’s coming or not.
She replied “otw”.

Then…. I waited … and waited.. and waited again…
I sms-ed her again, telling her I really don’t have the time to wait already and asked if she’s reaching.

She replied,
“Give me few more minutes. You should have tell me earlier. I don’t drive a plane you know.



Cry also no tears ah…!!!!



Okay. Ending rant.




Anyway, I’m joining the JPMC car boot sale this coming Sunday.
But I have not prepared for anything yet.
Die lah.


Then convo this Saturday.
I only have this Friday to prepare everything la….

Then, I don’t have umbrella lagi in the car.

And, I have no idea how car boot sales look like.
And, how to arrange the items ah?
And, sure very hot hor? No shelter one…
And, and, and,

okay la okay la

I will be rajin to update Spirithrift.