Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why did I start “Spirithrift”?

If you’re not aware of it, yes, Spirithrift is now open!

As you all know that I’d been pretty excited with my two previous Garage Sales held at Angie’s house and it was fun!!!

Fun from the beginning till the end.

Collecting and packing the items. Set a price for it. Took pictures and put it up my blog for a preview. I didn’t think it’s troublesome, but… it was an enjoyable process for me (if I like the item myself, I’ll wish that it can find an owner who will truly treasure it, rather than residing in a dark corner inside the wardrobe).

The response was overwhelming. I had friends texting me in the middle of the night “booking” the items, emailing me and so on. And it continues even up to today! Even though the garage sales was like 2 weeks ago, I still received emails asking me for those items.

I like it!

I like how unwanted items can finally find it’s worth and also a new owner.

And I like seeing money growing out from what we consider as …. “junks” (I so not want to use this word but can’t think of a better replacement) with zero value.

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure.

So there, I set up a blog, okay… more like an online flea-market / garage sale, asking if there’s anything my friends don’t use/need it anymore and sell it. Then the person who bought it also happy pasal they found treasures at a relatively cheap price.

You Happy, I Happy, Everybody Happy.

And… yang lama tak pergi, yang baru tak datang.
(Sorry, direct translation from a Chinese saying)

Happy Shopping everyone!

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WaterBased said...

Congratulations on your Spirithrift. 祝你生意兴隆