Saturday, September 12, 2009


The title original for this post was “BLOODY HELL!”, but I thought… it’s not that nice. Oh whatever, I’m just trying to tell you that I’m really really really mad!!!


So it was like this. After school, I planned to meet up with Vikki at Soon Lee to pass her the item she wanted from Spirithrift and so I drove there. It was 12+ pm and the traffic was bad as everyone was trying to get parking.

I thought I was quite lucky when I saw a car putting reverse light and about to get off the parking and the red car in front of me was already half way past the car. Hence, I put on the signal light with a glimpse of happiness in my heart.



And guess what. Once the stupid red car in front of me saw the reverse light, without hesitating, the driver reversed his car with full speed!!!! I was shocked and kept honking hoping that he would stop.

Of course, you smart readers out there have guessed correctly what happened next.



Yup. The bloody red Suzuki Vitara hit my car.

Then, came down a Gurkha man.
I don’t mean to stereotype but, my my, why am I not surprise….

(Seriously! They’re like the ultimate road killing machine on the loose! When I told my friends about it, they start telling me that they also nearly or ever kana accidents caused by the Gurkhas. )

I went down my car too and couldn’t help but scolded that man,


And expectedly, that man claimed that “he did not see my car”.
How very convenient.

I checked the damage of my car and it’s not severe. But still there’s some cracks and the bonnet fit seemed “lari alignment” and the bumper is like “pushed in”.

Not wanting to make a scene in the middle of the road, I parked my car aside and he too.

I took out my camera and started taking pictures, looked for witnesses around me if necessary. I’m really really lucky that I had my first job working in a workshop and I know what to do when accident happens. Plus, with my personality, I don’t panic or get frightened not knowing what to do especially when it’s obviously not my fault.

I showed that bugger (okay, I know I’m using more and more offensive words but I can’t help it!) the damages of my car and guess what, he replied…

”I don’t see any damage at all”

Oh. My. Buddha! Someone please take a gun and shoot him please.

I already sibeh hot liao mou-tin-tin kana hit, some more under the hot hot sun lagi, then he said something like that, really HOT ah!

Because he’s driving a Vitara, it was his tyre which kana my bumper so the damage was actually minimized.

But still….. HE BLIND ONE KAH!

I showed him this,


(Can see those little little scratches right?)



(The gap so freaking big leh!!!!)

and this,


(obviously, the bumper macam “pushed in” kan?)



I called up my ex-boss, a beloved uncle whom I already mafan-ed him a lot back in the days and this time really ah… 无事不登三宝殿.. really is me this kind of people liao. I told him what happened and he responded with a “nevermind lah” attitude… He said I can just repair at the workshop f.o.c but I don’t want bah… Ming-ming not my fault, ming-ming that Gurkha’s fault, I die die want him to pay for it!


Then, uncle said whatever the Gurkha can pay then pay lor, he covers the rest. Haiyah! Really don’t know say I lucky or unlucky ah.

I told the bugger about the estimate repair cost and he still insisted that there’s no damage done!

Beh tahan and I went on and on nagging and scolding him….

“Hey. Look here. I’m not trying to be unreasonable here. Obviously this is your fault and my car is not what you termed as “original like that”. It’s not that I don’t have the money to pay for it, but this is ridiculous! You did something wrong and you think you can just walk away like that?! OMG! This is so unfair! You’re unbelievable! This is crazy. You must be blind man! How can you say that there’s no damage! You hit my car and there’s a loud bang! Sure my car looks okay, but LOOK HERE!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU DID TO MY CAR! ”

And I went on and on like a scratched disc, repeating it over and over again.

Eh, very good liao okay. I did not insult, or said any racist terms or use any bad words. ALL DECENT WORDS!

He dared me to call the cops and so I did. You think I scare you ah! He claimed that there’s no witness and oh no, he’s so damn wrong, “NO WITNESS? ARE YOU SURE? I HONKED SO LOUD JUSTNOW AND ALL THE STAFFS WORKING IN THAT RESTAURANT HEARD ME AND SAW EVERYTHING! I CAN ASK THEM TO BE MY WITNESS! NOW!”

While waiting for the police to come, I went on and on nagging. Called Vikki (whom I was supposed to meet) and told her what happened. She was really kind and came over and helped me out in the situation. Hah!!

In the end, that bugger went back to his car, and asked his wife to negotiate with me about the compensation. His wife apologized and said that he’s very angry, the kids were crying, yadda yadda yadda… What? My problem meh that his EQ so low?  

Finally, after about 10 minutes of talking to the wife, the case was settled and damn, I’m still not happy about it!

Lucky school holiday is about to start and I can send my car for repair this Monday. Also, I should consider myself lucky because it was his spare tyre that hit my car. If bumper to bumper sure more teruk.





Syahirah Yakob said...

WTH! So stupid lah the driver. why can't he just admit it. It was obvious that you kept on honking but he kept on denying. kanasai :/

اتول said...

Wah, kesian you Nonnie. But ya, he should've just admitted his mistakes, at least inda kana marah. LOL

RocK BeBeH said...

OMG!!! aku plg yg gigitan ani bah... mun aku tu nonz... ku pajal tu suruh ia bayar jua... pebaik ia nada duit... sapa th suruh gila... urg buta tuli lagi pandai bh... ani kan ia yg bemata... nda lagi ngakun tuuuuuuuu... buduhhhhhh~!!!! nda bemata... paloiiii... stupid jua banar... buhhh emosi ku tarus wah after baca ur blog ahhh... ;( *sorry can't help it*

Nonnie King said...

Eraa : Kanasai indeed. Die die want to say no damage.

Atul : Ya, I was okay one but he insisted that it's nothing and didn't want to take responsible. Iatah I majal lah.

Amal : He did pay a bit, but like a fraction of it only. Last last bini nya yang settle with me. Useless man.

Syahirah Yakob said...

what did the police do, anyway? did he pay for it?

Nonnie King said...

Ya he did, but only a fraction of the cost. Somemore the wife yang settle with me.

Syahirah Yakob said...

the wife is smarter ey? It's okay. Soon he'll get the karma from what he did bad. It's fasting month, some more.

[ x3r0 ] said...

im sorry to hear abt ur nonnie.. if it was my car id be very pissed as well

Tina said...

OMG! That is horrible!! *GERIGITAN*

@lex said...

Some people should just get off the road!! ..
BTW not on land.. :P

Nonnie King said...

Eraa : Karma. Karma. Karma. *fingers crossed*

Sam : You're a car lover and I'm sure you'll be 100 times more pissed than me. LOL

Tina : *grinding teeth*

@lex : You sibeh smart hor, know i will ask u that question. I holiday liao, see when you back on land go tea ah. very sien

Kelly said...

This person damn lucky!!.....because so many ppl don hit, hit NONNIE KING, his dead meat with the stories all over the headlines of kisich.blogspot, MSN and every single person she's going to meet muahahhahaha...Excellent!!
* By the way, if i was there, i think i will non-stop using "nya meh" already!! LOL
Amen* uncle from workshop can help to pay some~~

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : I will be car-less for two days. Really dunno say I lucky or unlucky

WaterBased said...

Mine happened not too long ago. Involving two local malay ladies driving beige colour suzuki (what's the matter with suzuki people?). You know what the ladies said to me?

No damage. (same lines)

Plus, lagi geng one, "YOu tau aku ni siapa ka?"

CB!!! They caused physical and emotional damages to me and they were asking me whether I knew who they were.

Is there a law saying that if you are somebody, you don't have to be legally liable to damages you make?

A total CB!!!

Nonnie King said...

Max : WTF!!!! Wah lao eh, so what if you're somebody? Kana excuse ka if you're relative of someone someone. Tiu.

In the end how leh Max?

Want to bully us Smart Chinese girls with plenty of courage and not afraid to fight for our rights, COME LAH! Who scare who!

Miffy said...

nice illustrations! hope the children in the car are all right :) you sounded so ganas!

Nonnie King said...

Miffy : No lah, the kids were in the car and parked somewhere far. I wouldn't want to scare the kids too. Plus, I wasn't shouting loudly like a crazy woman.

RV'78 said...

U shud take picture of HIS FACE too!! HAH!!
Eh, when u labelled 'BS' on his car, i really tot u were implying 'bulls**t'. LOL~
Ngam la with de license plate oso!! Stupidass!