Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chatuchak does most of the tricks




is, one rare piece of artwork taken by MyAhPui.

Oversized off-shoulder; Chatuchak Market
Turquoise singlet; Chatuchak Market
Belt; Chatuchak Market
Checkered legging; eBay
Slouchy bag; Mango
Peep-toe sandals; Vincci

FussyKelly commented that after my BKK trip, she finally saw new elements in my outfit apart from the signature “white tee w/ big checkered heart” and “black satin shorts” whenever I’m out meeting them. As you can see, 4 out of 6 items were from BKK. I <3 BKK!

I have to admit it. I feel extremely lazy to dress up when I’m out in my hometown just for a casual meet up in Universal munching my favorite butter toast + half boiled egg. And so, I requested Bobby to take a picture of my outfit today in order to encourage myself in putting more effort in dressing up.

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