Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My take on Sungkai Buffets


Four words,
Eating and spending more.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like sungkai buffets. As a matter of fact, I adore them! So many choices, fit for greedy pigs like me who go for options instead of quantity.

It’s just that, I realized… After few rounds of sungkai buffets with friends, I’m actually spending way “ahead” of my budget.

Sungkai buffets start at around price of $9.90 per head and way up to $50 for those premium restaurants. Ever since I finished my D.I.E course in UBD, I think I spend less than $30 a month on food. Biasalah… 3 meals also eat at home, if go out paktoh paktoh either go dutch or Bobby belanja also. What also won’t exceed $50 one lah.

Not only did I spent more, I also feel that I’ve put extra weight because of my kiasuness. You know, the whole point of ,

“Wah lao eh.. lao-niang spent $20 eating this meal. Must die die eat back the money don’t rugi man”

Hahhahaa. No lah, people who ever go on sungkai buffet with me knows that I’m not that scary lah. My maximum intake is 2 rounds. That’s it. Avoiding rice and fried noodles most of the time.

Ghost also know eat too much outside food not healthy lah. Plus this one, unlimited supply with all those greasy, salty, sweet and spicy goodness lagi. How to say no wor?

The sungkai buffet at Cheezbox tomorrow with the Girly Bloggers is going to be my last sungkai buffet! Just let me enjoy it first lah!

And, Bobby just came up with the craziest idea for our upcoming weekend plan.

People Saturday night go clubbing and drinking, my boyfriend and I tabalik, we’re just going to order a KFC bucket, watch movies and eat our heart out! HAHAHHAHAAA.

Long live my liver, gastric, heart and fats around my waist, thighs and bum!


اتول said...

I like the plan! Something that I'd love to do. LOL

Tina said...

Glad you're coming later! xx.

Nonnie King said...

Of course I'm coming later!
But I might not be able to stay too late after dinner because I need to get back to Seria.