Friday, September 11, 2009

Don’t talk to me please..

I would try my best not to step in the hair saloon and beauty saloon as much as I can. Its not because of the price.. (of course, that’s one of the factors too lah), it’s the people working there doing their usual “PR-ing”.

Yes, I’m dreading having to sit on the chair/ lie on the facial bed for 2 hours answering questions macam kana interview.

“Where you work ah?”

“Harr… wah… so far ah…Then you very tired lor.”

“Your hair/skin a bit dry, I recommend you this one product ah.. very good one!” <- I hate this part!

“You got boyfriend ah?”

“Why you long time no come already?”

“You eat already or not ah?”

“We got promotion now.. you get this get that, then free this free that. Very good. Sayang bah if you don’t want.”



Sometimes I really wish that I have the switch in my head that I can terus go to sleep and block my ears out. I’m super anti-social when it comes to this.

And, the thing that I dislike about shopping is… yes, you got it, having salesperson tailgating me!

“Miss, this one new arrival.”

“Got special offer now.”

Then proceed with taking so many many baju and ask me go try in the fitting room. Wa beh tahan ahhhhh.

Once I step into a shop, if got salesperson bombard me with questions and information, I will smile and terus walk out one. I love shops with understanding salesperson. You know, those who greet you from far and just say, “If you need anything, you just call me ya”.

Itu lah my type.

True bah… If I need help, I will ask for assistance myself.

I remember telling Bobby, “Yeah! I like this shop! Nobody layan me! I can shop around freely without feeling pressurized. Hahahahah!”

Ya, I’m weird. Tell me about it.


اتول said...

You're not weird!

Cause, if you are, then I am too! Hahaha!

nikki.szeli said...

totally get what u mean!

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Lol! Cos there are some people who loves to chit chat with their hair dresser mah.

Nikki : Ya lah! I don't know why they think must talk to customer baru is good customer service one.

Anonymous said...

I think Brunei and Msia like that because their boss won't be happy that their employees not doing anything to 'persuade' customers to buy things. :) I get intimidated too when I walk into a store and the employee comes targeting after me

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : I like the way you use the word "Persuade" in the comment. Very intimidating indeed when they come "persuade" that we might need the products.

-Dee- said...

Its weird that NOONE talk to me when i get my hair or facial done!! LOL..
The only thg they would comment is, wahh, ur hair VERY THICK OWHHH..
and sometimes shops in brunei, when u really need their assistance, mcm non existence tia drg atu..haha.. with their sour face and all.. BLURGH!

Nonnie King said...

Dee : HAHHAHAAH! That's why I prefer buying things online sometimes.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

i will pretend to sleep and hope they stop talking ^^

WaterBased said...

That's why my hair long like pontianak also I don't cut. I am totally disgusted by typical salon people who do not understand when to shut up and just do a good job. I am not there to make friends. I am there to do maintenance for my hair. It is not that difficult to understand, isn't it?

I buy my clothes online, no hassle at all. Hahahahahaha

Nonnie King said...

Sing Yin : Hahaha. But impossible sit down terus snore liao kua? So fake. Some more if facial ah, when they squeezing all the zits n blackheads out damn painful, want to pretend sleep also cannot.

Max : Exactly my point! Not there to make friends lah kawan. If got skill, polite and reasonable price, scare no customer will come back pong-chan meh?

Your size can lah buy online.. my size a bit mafan.
Can fit the waist cannot fit the bust/thighs/butt.

Anonymous said...

yaa dont like it when the staffs start their PR-ing. nvm they wanna PR cos they do it for their saloon but please la. service must be of the same standard can.. horrible!! i hate it when i have to cut my hair back at home (KB)T______T phobia abit. rather cut my own hair. ish ish.