Friday, September 18, 2009

Updating, for the sake of updating

Mm…. what should I say?

Okay, my week has really been unproductive in a productive way. LOL! Does it even make sense? What else ah? I do have things to update in Spirithrift but I don’t know what has got up to me (lazy bug probably), I just feel like slacking the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day, roaming around aimlessly around the house, lying on the bed channel surfing, reading the achieves of Lamebook (yes, I prefer it more than FML because got images. Hahhaha. Very visual~)

Anyway, Cheezbox’s Sungkai Buffet is good!

No pictures of it because I’m a bad blogger.

Me: Oh Shoot! I left my camera at home!
Atul: Me too.
Tina: You and you! Bad bloggers.

*took over Tina’s LX3 and snapped away… for 10 seconds*

Me: Ahhhh…. couldn’t be bothered. I wanna enjoy my food now!
Me: *nom nom nom nom nom nom*

See? Can tell right? Malas brabis!

Actually, I do have a certain topic going on in my head…

I’ve been thinking, you know, sometimes your friend will tell you something bad about this certain person, but you feel otherwise.

Or, you’ve been receiving positive comments about someone. Sekali, meeting the someone in person, it’s a whole different feeling.

So, do you trust the “common remarks” or your sixth sense?

I just hate the whole “I TOLD YOU SO”.

Bah, gtg, Astro on Demand is the bomb!

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Dania805 said...

Hy Nonnie..different orang different view ryt. So i believe we cant jz take in 100% what others said particularly abt oranglain. Moreover, kdg2 sm ppl made sm bad remarks due to their personal 'revenge' that we never knew.

bt do u believe it kah, ada sm ppl do bring negative energy/aura to the crowd..? hmm... e.g: dari jauh u saw her/him, u knew she's 'dat' kind of person...