Saturday, September 26, 2009

Choco Fountain Choco Fountain!


Due to the Raya craze lately, in addition with my lack of physical activities (lying on the bed and munching on cuttlefish strings definitely does not count as exercise)….. expectedly, I’ve make some new friends around my face, waist, hip and thighs. Wooohoo! Not!

Not one, but quite a number of friends who I’d bumped into lately commented the same. And the most kua-cheong one was, “You gain, got 5 kg or not ah…..?”

*take shotgun and point at my right temple*


And yesterday, I think I just exceed my calories intake limit.

Fountain with fresh melted chocolate dripping. Strawberries, bananas, waffle, marshmellows… Oh dear Grinch, you sure know how to throw a Raya party.


And that’s not all. You can not miss out Arab-Families’s annual Raya party as well! Its not just buffet tables… but stalls, not just your average oriental food but, hawker stalls with kebabs, dim sums, Mongolian BBQ, ABCs (Cendols) and ICE CREAMS!!!!


*rub tummy*



减肥~ 没有肥, 怎样减?
所以, 先吃肥点, 再减吧….

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