Thursday, May 14, 2009



Time now – 4.21am

Studying for saiko now and turning saiko too.

Damn sad because Fiona told me no stock for LX3. Pray hard that Liza can get it for me la end of the month. Need and desperately want it for JUNE!

Gonna celebrate our “belated” anniversary on this coming Saturday after moving back all my things from hostel.

Bye hostel, another 2 more nights to sleep in that stuffy room but no more chit-chatting with hostel mates who just stay few doors down.

Jarang can go online and I know I missed greeting quite a number of people on their birthday. Make me feel that I’m such a bad friend lah.

Want to blog about the new Excapade branch in the Regent Square pun tak ada masa. =((

I’m so going to miss the DIE-rs especially Soly (whom made me stay wide awake because of her snores. Hey baby, I finally found another girl who snores more than me!) and the bunch of girlies in F4.

Bye student’s life.
Bye, waking up at whatever time when there’s no class.
Bye, assignments and tests.
Bye, walking all the way to ICTC just to online.
Bye, getting mad over water taps that some girls don’t know purposely or accidentally left it running. I’m a WA-TER-MI-NA-TOR!!!

Hi working life.
Hi, waking up at 6am and get stuck in the traffic.
Hi, lesson planning every week.
Hi, meeting, staff development, contact time and all sort of disruptions.

gtg. baca baca baca baca
Intelligence, Thinking, Latent learning, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Classical Conditioning, Motivation~~~~~~~

I need a Doraemon.

Will blog actively starting.. next week?

No time now bah.
Thursday – LAST PAPER!!!! Lunch at Capers, lapor diri, Birthday Dinner, Party in the common room.
Friday – Pack pack pack. Move move move.
Saturday – Hasnah Yusuf-ing, CELEBRATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Miri here I come!
Sunday – Rest and online till I drop.

See, I’m fully booked (sort of) for the rest of this week.
Tengok la if I got time to blog sikit sikit.



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Tina D said...

Hi! I've got my LX3 just yesterday! I had to wait five days for the order to come!