Friday, May 22, 2009

My poor shoe…



RIP – 21st May 2009.

….. And now, it’s time to go C&K, Vincci, Summit, CR !!!

Yang lama tidak pergi,
yang baru tidak datang~


Anyway, that stupid shoe kinda decided to “buka mulut” at super salah time! Lucky I always have “back-up” shoes in my shoe, which I think all girls do. But the thing was… my so-called “back-up” shoes are 4” high.

I couldn’t feel my feet after wearing it for 6 freaking hours!


Anonymous said...

Wahh so buruk already your heels. The color also different. Hahahah

Nonnie King said...

Ya.. very buruk already.
I never clean it and that's why the color "lari" already also.

@lex said...

time to go shopping ..forgot abt those back-up ...