Monday, May 4, 2009

One fine day / Vandalism


Dropped by Pantai Tungku and had a mini-camwhoring session on the batus.
(Note: It was taken last month and not recent activities. Gila! Exam kali yo!)




I have no idea why some people loves vandalising something so beautiful. Those rocks are not yours okay, who gave you the permission to write something on it? Try I go your house and splash some paint on the wall see you like or not lah!


How pathetic can this person be? Wishing him/herself APY BUFDAY! Wow, what a celebration yo. You win lor, super got life. Hahahahaa. You know, whenever I saw those xx heart xx messages blanco-ed or carved on a tree/rock/table/bench.. I secretly cursed that they *cough* won’t last long and when they bring their new gf/bf there, hahaha~ Well… maybe they won’t be that stupid to bring their new girlfriend to the place where he and the ex had plenty of memories. Wah, if really like that… then they would have migrated to another country sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

Another typo spotted, should be "Maggi" instead of "Maggie", right?