Sunday, May 3, 2009

Special Olympics Carnival


I woke up at 7.30 this morning, quickly did my laundry, cooked 2 packets of Maggie Curry noodles (which I totally regretted because there’s so many good food in the carnival and I was too full!!!!) and left for National Stadium at 9.30am along with Yee Jan and Linna my hostel mates.. which,  they wanted to tag along because they need an excuse to wake up early to study too, else, we all would have slept till God-knows-what-time.

First thing I did upon arrival was locating the booth selling the recipe book, which was not a tough job because Pablo is so tall!



Quoted from Pablo’s blog:

Hahahaa. yes! The recipe book that we have been waiting for.... is finally here. We just got it off the printers. Thank you to the friendly neighbourhood Joon Joon printer who had kindly donated paper, colour and services for the printing cost of the book. Thank you also to our lovely editors and lay-out artist for their dedication and hard work for the book. Not to forget Mr Kurapak for the great book cover. That helped to save cost as well and because of this, we are offering the book to you at a cost of only $10. and 100% will go to the Special Olympics Brunei.


L-R: Tina, Nonnie, Maurina and Muaz.

Apart from the recipe book, the other thing I bought from the carnival was a football jersey. Yeap, for my Mr. Punctual. His enthusiasm for football is almost fanatical. He can tell you the name of all players for all different football clubs from A-Z, their history, the managers and yadda yadda yadda.

You have no idea how troublesome was it just to buy the jersey because first of all, I know nothing about football except it is a type of sport with a black-and-white ball and 10 men chasing after it with 2 other men keeping the goal. I went through a hard time picking the right shirt because its either – habis size or habis nombor. In the end, I got the plain one for him.

And after I paid the volunteers the coupon and turned my head around, all the footie players were no where to be found!!!! I need their autographs!

Lucky one of the committee told me that they’re in the restaurant and brought me there. So malu lah… I was standing aside like a innocent little girl and looking around aimlessly while waiting for them to sign on the jersey. But they were really funny and friendly la, talking and joking with me.

They asked if I’m from China..
*doink* what the….


They even gave me their inflatable noise maker, signed!





Erm Bobby, I can explain…




my recipe~ The last time I had my name printed on a book was like 10 years ago, in my school magazine.

Okay, gotta go.
First paper tomorrow.
Wish me luck.


Tina D said...

Why do I have rabbit ears in one of the photos? Hahahaha. Bagus! :D

Express jua you post up the photos ah! Hee.

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Those were the volunteer's punya fingers. Not mine.


Trying to avoid studying that's why I blog, with my friend's zoom.

Kelly said...

I am just curious ah...How come the rose sandwich recipe is not "originated" by you also can be printed in a book?? Or because you made it, isit? .....What about the rest of your kolo mee, and etc etc...hahahha

Tina D said...

Awu, I realized that, because they appear small! Ngam jua kana arah kepalaku eh!

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Did Dan Brown invented the English language? He used it as a tool to create something new. My rose sandwich may be based on something, but I've worked on it enough to call it my own.

Just like how other chefs? Do you think they're the one who invented Curry, carbonara sauce, buttermilk chicken or cakes when you saw it on recipe book?

Tina : Hahhaaa. You deserve the cuteness