Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The first post labeled “A teacher’s life” in 2009


I was suppose to edit the photos taken during YeeJan’s birthday and write a post kissing my student life goodbye but you have no idea how insanely busy everyone is now in my school.. as in working place and not UBD anymore.

Today is only the third day of me back in school and I’d already stayed back until 4pm preparing all the stuffs and whatnots. Crazy! Anyway, our school will be hosting something really big and fun that you wish you can come and join us. Hahhahaa. I kid you not. Every kids will go gaga seeing our hall tomorrow!!!

I’ll try to take some photos tomorrow and show you lah.

(I know most of you out there always think that

“being a teacher very senang one. Work half day only”

– Ya right! Come and be a teacher and you’ll know how much work we have! Sometimes I really feel like giving a big fat slap to people who said that lah. Not only we have to teach, the amount of work we have to undergo to prepare a lesson, the meetings, workshops and all sort of events and activities we have to attend and organize, when a kid comes crying to you because he/she just fell down… Gosh, you never know how many things can happen in school in just 6 hours man)



Be patient okay?


Thanis Lim said...

I feel your pain T.T

ichig0 said...

I sooooooo AGREE! lol all the best =D