Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drawing Skills

This, was drawn by my 28 years old friend. Name kept anonymous to protect her identity what the falala.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a tiger, and if you guess correctly.. Congratulations and I’m speechless because it looks more like a ghost or demon or evil spirit or yao-guai to me.

Something like the above.


Then, this
was drawn by a 6 years old in KG3.

When the 28 years old showed 6 years old her version of tiger, the 6 years old complained… “Eee.. so ugly one!”. Ya, the 28 years old can go long-piak (hit against the wall). Hahahhahahaha.

And there’s more…


Kids nowadays… I wonder if it’s the milk powder they drink or you know.. evolution.


Anonymous said...

48 here: Shane said the first drawing looks like a vampire with stitches on his head..

Nonnie King said...

Eh! How come don't see you in msn or fb one.

curi curi tell u ah... mabel drew one.

and that's 王on the head, like those ancient chinese painting

Carol said...

No, just parents with more time and money to indulge kids in art books, art supplies, arts classes...time to sit with them to give encouragement...amah so kids have all the time to practice...varied TV shows for ideas...and basically more privileges and opportunities to practice and practice and practice :-D

Vikki Chee said...

hahaha 6 years old can draw way better than me

Nonnie King said...

Carol: True true!! I'm still stuck with stick figures and triangle as roof and rectangle as house wall.

Vikki: Better than me too. So malu

Kelly said...

=_=!!! Curi curi tell you & your showing it in the public comments, does it makes any difference stating out in the post?

Nonnie King said...

This is the skill of talking mah. Hahahha. Learn it babe!

MizArWeN said...

lol...wt ashame dat kg3 cn draw better den ur bt reli i cn only noe hw to draw a girl (not a stick figure)in my pre-school. i love all ur stdnts drawing. talented wh!

Bobby said...

The KG3 drawings is more easier to guess hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Atul : WOW! Handal eh. I can't draw like that... =S

Thanis said...

Same here -- I can't draw! haha