Tuesday, November 9, 2010

YENS Creation


Fancy wedding videos (Pre wedding or Actual Day) that’s absolutely different from other.

It can filmed in HD and edit on the same day (meaning, those nasty games, loving moments that happened in the morning can be viewed by your guests at night during your wedding reception) !

Gary & Lynette from yens on Vimeo.


Robert + Grace ( Pre-Wedding) from yens on Vimeo.

Click for their facebook page or website.
Email: yens@yenscreation.com
Contact: 012. 359 5350 (yen) or 012. 978 6822 (ling)


Yes, I know they're from KL.. But that doesn't mean they can't travel to your doorsteps right?

Initially when Yen.. or Kai (if you follow my blog long enough and read it thoroughly, Yen Kai is my ex classmate and there's photos of them in my December 2009 travelogue, when I was in KL) told me about this plan of setting up a wedding videography business, I had no idea what to expect from his video.

Not until I saw the end product and was completely blown away!

It's way way way better than what I'd thought and man, my friend is so talented don't you think? Which, I had already know since I was in Form 2 with his drawing skills.

So yeah, if you have any friends or relatives getting married soon, maybe you'll like to let them see the above embedded videos. Winking smile

And of course, if you still feel skeptical about this, you can always email me or them. I don't mind being their middle person anyway.

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