Wednesday, August 4, 2010


is my car wiper for 4 years….

I’m sorry but when it comes to car maintenance.. I’ll probably score max 25%. The only thing I do loyally is sending the car for servicing every 5000km.

And.. it is only on today when my friend, LimKitKeith

(a man who now has so so so many amulets and Buddha chanting CDs in his car)

(and ate DQ while driving… Hi HSE officers, can you please pakat him?)

(I digress)

He came over and helped me pasang the wipers I baru know one.. P1110617

The length of wipers may not be equally same size!


Mine is 24” and 16”.

And… according to him.. it’s not advisable to lift up your wipers when parking because it might actually caused the hinges to be lose and over time, the wipers might not be intact to your windscreen.

Well.. then again, people lift up their wipers because they’re afraid of the heat causing premature hardening of the wiper rubber. Or, because they don’t want sand or leaves to be trapped and cause scratches when wipers activated.

I don’t know.
But I know I’ll curse when someone kacau-kacau lift my wipers up lah.

Furthermore.. my spanking new wipers have 2 years warranty on the silicon and it’s heatproof. Canggih eh!

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