Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sungkai Buffet : Thai Buccaneer

Went to Thai Buccaneer (I can finally spell BUCCANEER! Double C and double E!) with my lovely colleagues yesterday for the Sungkai buffet, in conjunction with Larry’s belated birthday celebration organized by his girlfriend. Yes, office relationship! Now I need to hear you all gasp! Hahahhahahahhaah!!!



Their Menu from 12 Aug to 26 Aug. Nothing fancy to be honest.


The setting

To be honest, nothing tickles me when I saw what’s on the menu…

Too spicy for me but I love the peanuts. Umm.. I can’t take spicy food so it would be nothing for you spicy-lovers out there. I know, I don’t like sweet stuffs, I can’t take spicy food.. Very un-woman-ish.


Beef stew and Fish Fingers.
AHhhh… these 2 nyaman~

Sambal Egg… very super the mediocre!
It’s just deep fried boiled egg with sambal spread on top… 

Green Curry Chicken
Not bad..

Veggies (sorry.. I suck in identifying green leafy veggies) in oyster sauce

Banana cake, fruits platter, ABC, Mango juice and Bandung

Prawn crackers, buns and breads.

The starchy corn soup with super limited corn kernels. Seriously, even canned soup beat the crap out of it.

Bibi R, Arina, Nonnie and Zeti, with a blurry Nyallau at the back.


And this, is all of us. 


That’s my very first Sungkai buffet for the year and.. it’s rather disappointing. Their ala carte dishes are usually great but definitely a different case when it comes to buffet. When we exited our private corner, I saw some of the customers.. okay, most of the customers were ordering from the menu despite of the “promotional $9 sungkai buffet”.

Am going to TT Blues tomorrow.
Hope I won’t be disappointed again~

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