Monday, August 2, 2010

The relationship between Jollibee and Credit Card

Went to Jollibee Tutong for quick lunch last Saturday with Rohana and the students after attending the Inforama Closing Ceremony. Half way through our meal, a staff came over and passed us a “Feedback Book” to fill in.

Being nosy and bored, we flipped through the pages and read the previous entries filled in by other customers. It was really fun to see what was being written.

Most of the suggestions we came across were like…

  • Playground for children
  • Wifi
  • Bigger portion
  • Free meals for regular customers (???)

And… what I wrote was “wifi” and… “Maybe Sungkai buffet?”.
Rohana suggested redeem card like those Kokoberry one.

This particular one *points below* is one of a kind!


Read the highlighted part.

*sweat* whatthefidodido….

I’m not going to touch the topic on “credit card” because I know what I’m going to say is going to offend like… 80% of the credit card holders. So, you’re having difficulties in paying and suggested Jollibee giving you discount?

That’s like, WOW! So “smart” (and irresponsible) of you huh~

And, if you have increment and maybe during month of receiving bonus, Jollibee should increase the price too lah, since you mentioned “mengikut perjalanan masa sekarang” right?

*roll eyes*


Syahirah Yakob said...

waseh. jollibee give low price already, still want lower ah? hahaha.

SRPSJPAM said...
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Nonnie King said...

Alor. Any cheaper just go Ayamku or eat nasi katok saja.

Anonymous said...

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