Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cards, cards, cards


Today while doing some girly shopping (“window” for me as usual… oh wait, I did bought a fondue set! Yippeee!) and when Suk Chin was asked if she has the membership card for a certain brand… she opened up a small bag and fished out 20 over cards and flipped one by one.


I was like… what the Snuffleupagus !

That’s crazy!

In my wallet, I only have my identity card (I.C.), credit card, ATM cards, calendar and… amulets?

I guess membership / privilege / loyalty / whatsoever card is like shoes for girls, NEVER GET ENOUGH OF IT!

p/s: I have quite a lot of things to blog to be honest. Meeting Eric Leong, silly stuffs I did, car boot sale today.. Nothing on Bridex because apart from the Lorenz potato chips and Mogu Mogu, I didn’t buy anything else.

Promise to blog more.


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