Friday, August 13, 2010

Sayur makan….


I don’t know why some people thought being a teacher is all about routine job. Kids are fun to be with and they stories about them never cease to make us all laugh. Like this particular one that happened few days ago.

My colleague Suzie brought her Pra students to my lab wanting me to show some youtube videos on growing mung beans. That’s what they’re going to do next week, teaching the kids about responsibility and the life of plant.

And when everyone was paying attention to the video, a little girl’s voice came and said….

“Cigu… sayur pun makan coklat kah?”


She thought the mud was chocolate! How cute!

So tell me.. what’s so boring about being a teacher?


Kitty said...

LOL! Tell the kid, "ani chocolate mudcake ni namanya lai!

Being a teacher is not boring at all. You learn new things from and about the kids everyday.

Nonnie King said...

Kitty : Hahahaa! chocolate mudcake somemore!