Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It’s happening again..


Remember this post?

Oh well, it’s happening again this year. Same same!

There, the seventh month is here. And I will stay at home as much as I can at night. I will only go out with my Muslim friends because their side nada hantu. LOL.

Gentle reminder to everyone, I know Sungkai buffet is worth the money, you’re very hungry after fasting for the whole day… but remember, don’t pile up your plate with food and later chuck it aside because you’re already bored with it or feeling bloated.

Food crisis and water crisis are happening in other countries now and don’t think it’s none of our business. Sooner or later we will all rasa.

Sekian terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

nonnie if u don't mind,please remove the pics..its very scary everytime i come in to check for updates and saw that :S

Nonnie King said...

I won't remove it, but I will put on new pictures to push the post down.

Sorry for scaring you.


geek in white said...

please dont remove it, it's so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

nice blog!! btw :) in ramadhan, if im not mistaken. it is actually believed that the satan and jins are being locked in. but the spirits or shud i say roh will be free to wander around to actually visit their relatives