Friday, August 20, 2010

Sungkai Buffet : TT Blues Cafe


Tel : 242 4527
Note : Free for children under 3 years old

I was invited by Thanis along with other fellow bloggers to try out TT Blues Sungkai Buffet and after knowing that they’ve got a new chef who previously worked in Hilton Singapore as sous chef, I was really excited!

(And kept wondering how different will the menu be as compared to Buccaneer’s since it’s just $1 price difference)

Below are the piccies of food with no captions because… on the day we went, the food was not labeled so apart from knowing it’s chicken, fish, prawns.. we all have no idea what were the exact names of those we gobbled down)


I really love the lamb and the chicken! And also the fact that the chicken was in bite size, tender and de-boned!! What’s there not to love! Seriously, for just $10 (with a 10 cents change)… I have to say we (customers) are all spoiled with options!

They have everything covered!
Veggies, soup, fish, lamb, chicken, prawn, ice creams, green bean soup, assorted cakes and keuhs!

Two words, THUMBS UP!

The bloggers and medias with the chef.

When we saw Thanis talking to the chef, we’re all surprised that he looks so young and started guessing his age!

Go guess go guess!

I’m going to hide the answer in white color font, just go and highlight

*here* 25! *to here*


Kelly said...

*ShxT*! Younger than me !$#!$@#$@# *run & hides on face*

schmellow said...

wow, u have a delicious sungkai. :)

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Haih.. He was right infront of me lagi. Damn paiseh.

Schemellow : And you can have it too!