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The song by Coldplay, which Martin the vocalist fit the word “yellow” in for all the missing key word… I like the story when a friend told me that how the word just fits in. It’s like, all the time in my life, what I’d been missing is “Yellow” too. The word that only Bruneians have close ties with and the colour so distinctively symbolizing the people. The word which motivates us all to be a better man in life and proves that we’re all worth it.

I’d been wanting to write this post for as long as I can. From the day I finally took the first step walking in the office, the moment I received the phone call, the day I sat for the test feeling all emotionally and physically drained but adrenaline rush was so strong that it made me going on writing on the paper non-stop for 2 hours, and finally…. the day I had the letter which made the huge turning point.

I only regret that I’d not done this earlier.





You know what I really dislike? People who complains a lot about the system and country who has already given them so much yet just sits there and do nothing about it. Whining about how life is unfair to them, what they deserve and what’s not being given. Hello friend, ask yourself, have you done anything to change the situation? Have you thought of a solution? Have you really go out and give it a try, making a difference? Or just waiting for Lady Luck to come knocking on your door?

Know what Cikgu Mansor said on the very first day for my “Yellow Boot Camp”?

Ask not what your country can do for you — Ask what you can do for your country. (quote John F. Kennedy)


Okay, enough of seriousness.
Let me share with you all my humble little journey of attaining my citizenship.

July 2007 – Sent in the application.

September 2008 – Received the phone call asking me if I’ll wanna sit for the test and get ready.

30th November 2008 – Sitting for the test / Mett & Soly’s Bersanding (which has nothing to do with my application anyway )

3rd June 2009 – Received the result letter.

6th January 2010 – Submitted the relevant documents for the process.

11th February 2010 – Oath of Citizenship.

24th April 2010 – Certificate Presentation at Songket Ballroom, Rizqun International Hotel


In between, we had several briefings telling us our duties and responsibilities as a citizen.


There, a journey which took me near to 3 years but it’s all worth it. I really appreciate that we’re all given an opportunity (actually, lots of them, we can keep trying even if we failed) and a huge thanks to His Majesty for this priceless gift and such momentous moment in our lives.

Now, I can finally proudly say that,

Here, some pictures taken during the certificate presentation.

The Stage


03 01
“Hi, I’m NonnieLawaBrabis.”

To avoid the tudung slipping off, I wore a spa headband, those with velcro closing to cause more friction. It was really good, no hairs coming out and tudung stayed where it’s suppose to stay.  

And.. my Charles and Keith bag looks like the Miu Miu Coffer.


My lovely shoes, but… NeverSamaTasteTheen said it’s very ma-lai-po…
What the… 48, I miss shopping with you lah!

Going up the stage

14 13
Whee! My cert!

SolyMornie my beloved BatWoman, who waited outside the ballroom because no outsiders allowed, but.. she got offered a seat inside and hence helped me took a lot of nice piccies~!


The P31 – SSS !
Thank you Cikgu Mansor!


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ya.. like those shoes too..
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only gold and blue and green and pink altogether ma

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Thanks Eraa and anonymous.

48 : LOL, you suan me ah? But ya, I like like the shoesssss

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congrats Nonnie !! :)

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congratulation~~~ xD
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Thanks Cleo and Sing Yin! Gonna make my new IC today! Woohooo!

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I hope its not too late to say this.. but GONGRATS... welcome home 8)