Monday, April 5, 2010

Smile for the camera in self-timer mode


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Took this photo last Saturday before heading to a 1yo birthday party.

(And that’s the latest wake-up call I had about aging. Previously, it was me getting invited to friend’s birthday party with curfews. Then came wedding invitations. And now what?! My ex-classmate’s son’s birthday party?! This is getting really really ridiculous!

Today, when I was filling up an online survey form.. I had to tick the 26 – 35 years old category. FML)!rare!

I mean, having both of us look good in it with a cohesive smile. And.. the last time I really really like a picture of us together was taken after the prom, with the help of self-timer, too.

How lah like that? We look so stiff when smiling to the lens of the photographer and seems like self-timer is the only thing that would cut down the awkwardness, acting all cool and vain.

Has anyone heard of self-timer wedding photography? Hahhahahahaha~

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