Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fitness Test

P1100401 P1100399

Yesterday I nearly died of this….

14 sit-ups in 30s
Tahan 31s for the pull-ups
12.05s for 4 x 10M shuttle run
Only 1.28M for standing-board jump
Only 24cm for Sit and Reach (Maybe I should sign up for yoga)
And lastly… 8 minutes for 1km run.

My BMI is just at the edge of being “fit” and I’ve gained weight after CNY.

And… I’m definitely this week’s bet.

Oh, Bobby and I had a bet.
We’ll weight every week and the one who loses more weight wins.
But.. so far I’ve not put any effort in my food intake and exercising.
Bye bye $5.

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