Friday, April 2, 2010

When my man hogs the kitchen…

I need to be alert that it might be a conspiracy, for him to trick me into cooking what he wants to eat!


At first, he was telling me that he’s gonna cook me dumplings (kau-zhi, jiao-zi, gyoza) and I asked where can he find those gyoza skins? Then he changed his mind and said ravioli is good… I gave him a raised brow and kept quiet, until we’re in Supa Save and told him there’s no way he can make raviolis out from scratch.

So there he was, walking around with a basket thinking aimlessly thinking what to cook for me. He suggested bacon wrapped asparagus, then he thought baked aubergine with cheese and pepperonis (the one we had in Senja lounge for his bday celebration) shouldn’t be too hard to make and went on suggesting more and more appetizers.

I was like,
excoooze me sir? mana main course?

But it was a scary idea when I voiced it out because the last time he cooked me pasta, it was a combination of boiled fetuccini and mushroom Campbell soup! *faint*

Since he’s going to “cook” me 2 dishes, I volunteered to just grill whole chicken leg then.

And we went back to my place, watched an Astro movie (Woohoo 大日子) and when we’re done, it was already 2.30pm. Time to cook!

We emptied the shopping bag taking all the raw ingredients out.

He started to cut the tomatoes.

I boiled some water to cook (sap/rebus) the chicken.

Done with the rebus.

He was still cutting the tomatoes.

Marinated the chicken.

He’s done with the tomatoes, now cutting the asparagus.

I boiled another batch of water for the asparagus.

Then he’s gonna slice those brinjal/aubergine/eggplant (why so many names? got difference kah?)

. . . okay, I couldn’t tahan seeing him “sawing” those aubergines, using the knife like a tenon saw and took over.

He stood there, “observing” how I did it.

After slicing the aubergines, he went on preparing it. Putting the supposingly pepperonis but he choose black-pepper chicken slices, and cheese on top.

I wrapped the asparagus and tomatoes with bacon.

I was done with wrapping, he was still struggling.

I went to grill/fry the chicken.

I preheated the oven.

I don’t know, I just ended up doing the rest of the work and all he did was standing there, looking at me.

Let me summarize to you what he’d done.
- Cut the tomatoes
- Cut the asparagus
- Put the black pepper chicken slices and cheese on top of aubergines.

That all, took him almost an hour…


*cough* My lunch “cooked” by him…


Now you tell me, does it sound like a conspiracy to you now?

I think he knows how impatient I am and will go and take his job over so he “volunteered” to cook.

Now, say hi to…
The genius, who is good in tricking me into things…

p/s: That’s my spec he’s wearing and I thought he looks good in it. At least cannot really see his eye bags mah. Hor?

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