Saturday, April 17, 2010



Smillow – short for “Smelly Pillow”.

I’d only met Smillow twice in my life (hopefully none for the rest because the stench was overpowering.. And, I think “overpowering” is an understatement). I could tell that it’s original colour is somewhere near to pink/peach/orange/yellow and now it’s turning to brown due to the accumulated sweat, drools, tears and probably mucus too from it’s owner, Bobby.

(I’m not saying that Bobby very macho or man or what.. but, it’s still weird to see a big guy squeaked and truly enjoyed his moment rubbing his face against a small lifeless (because the cotton inside also became solid and un-fluffy) pillow, smelled it like sniffing drugs and gave me a satisfied look every time he did that. I die.)

I’m sure some, or most of you out there have your own version of Smillow (or bantal busuk for Malays out there). Be it a pillow, bolster, blanket even a towel… It’s like an imaginary friend who provides sense of secure and belonging. I don’t know, I just don’t understand because I grew up liking to touch the corners of towels. Any towels actually, even till now. Nothing to be proud of but at least I think it’s less freaky than bantal-busuk.

My best friend 48 has, or had.. a bolster she named it “Bean-Bean”. She gave Bean-Bean life by imagining out his/her/it’s character. She disallowed me to touch that ugly bolster of hers and claimed that Bean-Bean hated me. *Roll eyes*

Bobby often joked that if he has his Smillow with him when I’m sleeping, he would put it near my nose or my face so that I’ll learn to appreciate it. Nice one boyfriend. –___-“

And today… I received a good news!

Bobby had lost his SMILLOW!!! Woohooooo!!!
I mean, I’m sorry to hear about this baby.. Deepest condolences.

(My karit boyfriend only will reward you $8 if you can find his Smillow)

I wonder if it’s his mother or auntie cannot tahan that little gross pillow and threw it away for good.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what a good way to start my Saturday~


48 said...

Y LIKE THAT ONE U? my pillow not smelly OK. And I got two new clothes for her (not it) this CNY and she still looks really good. A bit thin nya lah.
Feel sorry for bobby... he will find his pillow one, otherwise get him a new one, and pull out half the stuffing and lie on it for a few months first.

48 said...

And i got say she dun like u meh?
now i go home tell her and she really won't like u liao

Kelly said...

Why are you the same as my little cousin's bb = emily? She also likes to touch the corner of a towel or pillow and then she can falls asleep very fast after that................

errrmm...having a Smillow is ok, but sniffing in a million of dustmites/bed bugs or watever inside that has been accumulated for years is.............................................**gasp**

Nonnie King said...

48 : Hahahha. Sorry lo my dear. I stereotype all pillow = smelly one.

You got say tou-tou don't like me can. When that time I go your house hor, you don't let me get near her one. You say she hate me. So, the feeling is mutual. Hahhahaa.

Kelly : Err.. I dunno leh. Texture kua? Corners better than pillow that cannot wash kan?

If you see that ugly smillow, you will wanna faint! I tried to sniff it like 10cm away I also want to puke liao..