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The rest of our trip in 2009


There, finally imma blog the rest of the HCMC + KL trip!
One go okay… actually, that’s because there’s not much photos taken when I was in KL. Hehhehee

Early breakfast in Yen Trang hotel’s lobby while waiting for our taxi to arrive.


Honestly, if cup noodles is not unhealthy.. I’ll wanna eat them everyday and slurp those soup to the very last drip! Was so tempted to answer “My favorite food is INSTANT NOODLES!” whenever people asked me that question. But, due to the fact that I’m already an (sensible) adult, I can no longer answer like that.. unless in front of my pig-dog friends where I can still be the silly goose with no image.


Walked all the way to the simpang entrance again just for Banh Mi!   

Ate it while waiting to board in Tan Son Nhat airport…
Banh mi oh banh mi, I miss you so! Tell me when I can eat chu againnnnnnn!


Few hours later, 

Haih! Can’t believe my very first meal in KL is Mak-tong-tong!

Was stuck in KL Sentral while waiting for Mr. Dreamteam to come pick us up. Seriously, never ever believe a KL-ians when he/she tells you “Very near one!”. Their “very near one” take minimum 30 minutes one!

Few times I kana that you know. For me, “very near one” is my house to Seria Plaza lah, or my house to PSL house. To FussyKelly house is already “not near” to me liao okay! The ultimate near one, of course my house to the Seria library lah. Hahahhaa. Near till you don’t believe ah!

Had a long first night in KL shopping in Midvalley. Met up with Alex the Seipokai and hang out like locals in those mamaks. No photos, too hyped up with all the xmas shopping and meeting old buddies.


Next day.

More shopping of course.

Bobby and I were on a shopping mission… we need to hunt xmas pressies for

1. each other (with a budget of only RM100 thinking that we shouldn’t spend so much, but in the end we found out it’s impossible hence to hell with the so-called budget!)

2. Yen Kai (a.k.a Mr. Dreamteam), my dear secondary classmate whom I bullied, openly admired my best friend for the longest year, now sendiri become boss and the kind person who let us stayed at his place, f.o.c of course. So this one must buy present one.

3. Tling (Mrs Dreamteam lor, cough cough), the beautiful hostess.

4. A gift to exchange for the xmas party/dinner later. More stories on that later. 


Having a time-out from shopping.




Take one fail. Unknown girl’s butt in the way….



Ahhh.. much better.



10 11


Tea break


13 14

Sibeh regret buying them.


Erm… early dinner?

(After so many days of eating Vietnamese + fast food, we super craved for home cooked meals okay!)

Then Bobby went off to buy my suppose-to-be-a-secret xmas gift.

while I stayed back and jaga our shoppings.

Super duper fail my baby!
He was super confident until he went to the counter and found out there’s actually two different package. And to avoid me being mad/disappointed, he thicken his face and called me up asking which was the one I was looking earlier on.

Major fail.
There, no more surprise for my xmas gift liao lor.



Some performance going on.
(Yes! We spent like 10 hours in Pavillion that day!)



Then Ah Kai called me up and told me the big bomb.

Here’s the xmas dinner/party story.

When Yen Kai came picked me up, he told me that Chin Kang invited us to his house on xmas eve for a xmas party. Hearing the word “party”, we assumed that there’ll be a lot of people attending including Chin Kang’s colleague, Esther’s colleagues and so on. But because Yen Kai already told Chin Kang they will be going, therefore leaving me no excuse to escape the party.

And we came up with all sort of alasan reasons or plan B, like… we’ll leave the place early and watch Avatar instead, or… we’ll go to the party late so we won’t get so bored.

The more embarrassing matter was, knowing that there might be a lot of strangers in the party and maybe I’ll get a shitty gift from some unknown person, I also put less effort in choosing the xmas gift. Sigh. Malu lah!

Then at about 7.15pm, Yen Kai called and told me…

“Eh… I think we made a mistake. The “party” will only have you, Bobby, me, Tling and Chin Kang and his wife….”

*Jaw dropped on the floor and use hand to put it back up*

This Mr. CYK bah! Chin Kang told him “Xmas dinner” and he keh-kiang translated it into “Xmas party".

The mystery was all solved when Yen Kai called Chin Kang up and told him we’ll be late for the “party” and said “you guys” to start it without us. And Chin Kang paused for awhile, asking… “Wait wait wait, You mean.. ask me and my wife eat first ah? There’s no “you guys”, only you and Tling, King and Bobby!”

What the fish to the max right?!

The dinner was set at 8pm.

Bobby and I were still in Pavillion at 7.30pm.

Took the monorail and arrived KL Sentral at about 8.00pm, waiting for Yen Kai and Tling to pick us up again (because KL Sentral is “near” to his office).

Had to stop by Sunway Pyramid because Yen Kai had to deliver some stock to his client and also do  the super last minute shopping for the gift exchange. They bought much better gift than us knowing it’s only ka-ki-lang.

…. traffic jam here and there….

Last last, we arrived Chin Kang’s place at….


Late for 2 hours! Imagine if I’m the host ah, sure dulan max and ask my guests no need to come liao. Dulan also dulan full already no need to eat liao.



The xmas snow   foam we experienced with the crowd just outside Pavillion.


Nice homey dinner awaiting for rude guests like us..
Seriously, we really don’t deserve such good meal lor.

We had risotto, baked chicken thighs, baked potatoes, some spicy chicken wings and Peach and Banana crumble! All prepared by Esther and Chin Kang. My idol okay!

Love the homey feel of their house.  


Chin Kang the guy whom I secretly admired for 3 years when I was this dreamy teenager and his gorgeous wife.



The super good Peach and Banana crumble with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

By far, the best xmas dinner I ever had!
You know, secondary classmates reminiscing the past and laughing at all the silly things we ever done, catching up with the current news and good food…

*xing fu*

It was already almost 12am when we finished the fabulous dinner.

Chin Kang showing us the photos they took during their Bali trip and also Theen’s wedding.

The guy in Green with a cute santa hat was adopted. Hahhahahaa. No lah, Yen Kai found Ah-Fai when he was hanging around in Sunway Pyramid alone so invited him to the dinner as well lor. Also from Seria one last time.


Whisky (their pet dog) did this to my poor leggings.


Group photo
Everyone looks good in it!


Nah, this is Whisky! The culprit who scratched and caused a lubang on my legging.



I have no idea why Yen Kai reaction big till like this…


Gift exchange time!

Got back home at almost 3am, super tired but Bobby and I still insisted to give each other our xmas gift.

This is from me to him.
But he has not wear it till now…

Actually, all the baju I bought for him from my last Bangkok trip, he has not wear any of it also. Sigh… Bi, time to lose Nonnie okay!



That Shiseido MAQuillAGE set was an expected gift.. but the other box, I totally didn’t know it was coming!



As for the other box….

A GUESS travel wallet!

I’d always wanted a good looking travel wallet to act all cool when travelling. Wheee! Muacks muacks!

See what I meant by major fail by setting the budget?
The shirt I bought for Bobby is more than RM100. Needless to say, the make up set and wallet nearly hit RM500 bench mark.



Next day again.

Had lunch here.


Why so serious? Just a restaurant menu wor.


Bobby’s heaty and oily food. That guy memang cari pasal one.
Already complain sore throat and coughing those, still ordered this.



Mine. Slightly healthier eh I think?

Checked in Hotel Maya!

Super love the room…

Especially the pink chaise!


View from our window.


Transparent glass of the bathroom…


This part features Yen Kai’s photos…

I was hoping our room will be 1105, my birthday mah…
But 1106 can also lah.


As you can see clearly, no photoshop okay the photo!

There was a photo before this taken that I was peeking Bobby when he was using the bathroom. Hahhaha. The curtain was drawn from the outside one. So anytime can free show!

Kai discovered Bobby’s cuteness I think. Bobby had this innocent angelic (sikit-sikit ah-moi also) look in this photo.

Enough of us Chubbies.
Here’s some eye candies for you guys.

Tling, so good in posing.
She’s the director of our poses and Kai took those shots.
Very biasa already.


We seriously suck in posing, when others taking the camera.
I don’t know how to act natural, sibeh awkward and I can sense disaster when it comes to dunno-when-pre-wedding-photo shoot.

Walked to KLCC.

One of my fav. photo from Yen Kai.

Last one from them.
俊男美女, 无人能比!
Wah seh, it rhymes!

My photos again…

Nothing wow about this…

42 43
See what I mean about that innocent angelic look of Bobby?



Comparing all xmas deco, I think I like those in the Curve the most.

Bobby is a sucker for all fruit juice.

The price he’s willing to pay. Next time imma charge him also!

We also had NZ Natural ice cream, which was like.. RM12 for a cup…
Well, Bobby thought it’s all worth it. He’s the boss.

Had our last dinner in KL here.


The food was alright but Bobby was very dulan with the waitress there.

He asked for the bill and wanted to pay by using his credit card, then Tling quickly pulled out cash from her wallet. You know, the usual Chinese gig of fighting to foot the bill. The Chinese (from CHINA) waitress threw Bobby’s card on the table and took the cash instead. What the heck right? Damn rude to throw someone’s card and please la… never heard of the word “gentleman” meh? Of course is let the guy pay mah. Made till my baby sibeh awkward and dulan there.

View from our window… with the Petronas tower shimmering in the dark.

Next day, again…

Woke up at 7am just for a morning swim!


The hydro therapy pool comfortably heated to body temperature!
(You think we sial meh, swimming at icy cold pool early morning)

Out of nowhere, Bobby suddenly told me to take photos of him.

This first..

Then this…

Then, the next one cannot show you.
He was pulling this perverted stunt flashing me as he gets closer.
(still with his pants on of course)


Oh, this trip was my an anniversary gift from Bobby (he paid for the air tix and accommodation) where as my gift to him is a night in Hotel Maya. I guess it’s better than giving flowers, bags or jewelries. We have memories worth a lifetime.



Love the design of the all-in-one tv console.

The lobby.
Checking out from the hotel. Sniffs.

Petronas tower, again.. but this time… 

with someone working on it.


I iz Wandawuman.

He iz Silva Sufaaa


There, boarded on the plane.
Reached Miri, then Brunei and….


That’s the end of our trip in 2009.

But, trips in 2010 awaiting us!



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