Thursday, March 18, 2010

so… what’s next?


I was clearing up my drawers and found stacks of old photos. Such cheerful celebration when everyone was thinner and younger. Padahal.. those photos were only taken 2 years ago. Went through those photos and sighed how much we missed the celebrations with familiar faces and how poor we take control of our weight.

and… I’m still waiting for the clarification. There’s just so many different versions of interpretation about the new leave rules and it kinda worries me. Super no mood to plan for the upcoming trip in September now.

Updates on my (sprained) ankle.
I can walk a lot better now. The pain not that jialat anymore and imagine the horror driving a manual car. And, it’s the left ankle that I sprained! Had to press the clutch really slowly every time I changed the gear and avoid all possible twisting to cause me pain.

and for the holiday…. i’m going to
- clean up my table
- get a bigger box for my erasers collection
- get new tyres for Corrie
- maybe new pair of glasses for myself
- get the credit card thingie settled (blesses with low credit limit. Hehhehe. Phew)
- I don’t know, start hitting the gym?
- definitely try to blog more!
- but, no promise…


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