Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I’m a pogo stick

Those who follows me on twitter or read your news feed in FB should know that I damn hero sprained my ankle this morning, while playing netball with the students. 

And this,

is how my FAT & Beautiful left foot looks like now~
just nice enough to make braised pig trotter what the falalala-lalalala~

Just 2 years ago, also at school, I sprained my right ankle.

How great…

When I sprained my ankle this morning, I thought to myself thinking it was also my left ankle that I sprained… maybe it’s true that repeated sprains in the same joint make the joint less stable and more prone to future sprains (from here).

And now I know I sprained both ankles before… yeah! time for celebration, not!

The mahal part was,
when I was resting my foot after dragging myself out of the court, my gb (guru besar (for non-teachers) and it’s obviously not a jargon) came to me and said,

“This shows…. you gained weight”

Just what I need to hear when I was in pain. Ouch me very much.
(Oh, it’s okay, I’m sure he’s just joking. *COUGH VERY LOUD*)

As for the netball match (final), we got the second place.

Our opponent was a really strong team who trashed other teams with scores like 21:0 and we only lost by 1 point with dignity! *proud*


Shirl.. that’s an awkward pose you got there…


Anyways, back to my sprained ankle…
I’m hopping around the house like a pogo stick and trying to rest on bed as much as I can, which I always do anyway.

Pray that this Sunday I’ll be fit to run this Sunday for paintball!

p/s: When I asked if Bobby wanna join the paintball game, he answered..

“I’ll join! It’s not like I get to aim and shoot you everyday!!”

Uh-uh…. I sense “revenge”.

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