Monday, March 22, 2010




I know, I look cute in cover-all kan?

Finally got the chance to experience paintballing (yesterday)! It could have happened 2,3 years ago but don’t know it’s us bring-sai or what, just one day before our appointment with deposit all paid and stuffs, the *ahhem* illegal paintball place in Muara was closed down.

Most of my friends had tried it already and from their past experiences, they all advised me to wear something thick and get as much coverage as possible. What better than COVER (it) ALL kan!

Furthermore, it’s an outdoor field, SAY NO TO OVEREXPOSURE TO UV RADIATIONS!


It was also my very first time wearing a cover-all. Totally HOT (and) STUFFy! I pity those (females only) who need to wear cover-all to work, needing to wear extra inside and… damn inconvenient when you need to take a leak or dump.

Anyways, I thought of Phua Chu Kang when I wore those on and asked Bobby to take a snap of me while asking my silly friends what’s PCK’s signature pose and they told me “bicycle pose”. Hence, a photo of me riding an imaginary bicycle.

I thought I looked quite cool macam hip-hop rapper though.

Yo ma ma, yo pa pa, check it in, check it out, kua-tio-gui, NOW!
yo baby, put your hands in there air, yo yo yo, yippee ya ya yippee yippee ya!

The game was pretty good and I was lucky enough to pop my paintball cherry with a bunch of “gentle” playmates and not those gila mental one who screams, shouts and curses if kalah.

As for us, or maybe it’s only me, I’ll be really happy if I get to shoot someone, but if I kana shoot, never mind also. Just a game mah, why so serious? *cue Joker’s looks, eyes squinting, greasy hair and do that ‘jiap-jiap-jiap’ sound*

And every time we finished a set, I’ll try to walk as fast as I could to get out the field and first thing first, TAKE OFF THAT BLOODY STINKY MASK! Wah seh, spray what also no use, want to die ahhhhh…  

Next, compared each other’s result, pin-point kana shoot where and by who and laughed. It was fun, really.

As for my ankle, I was able to run and I bought an ankle-support to minimize the chances of me spraining it again.

Oh ya, I got butt-shot. Twice. Same place.
Stupid Bobby said it was easier to spot my butt than my body. Cilaka.
But good also lah, lucky I have a meaty butt with tebal skin, there was no blue-black and no “moons” on my body also. Hehehhee. Lucky me.

Moons – in DoraMabel’s dictionary - bruises caused by paintball. First in crescent shape when just kana, then one day later, spread until round round fat fat like a full moon.

The players.

For more info, click here.
FYI, it’s legal, in Miri.

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