Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MOD Thai Food & Cafe


Note: This is not a paid-post and we did pay for the food we ordered.

It’s very rare that I review restaurant because I'm not really good in describing how yummy the food is and, I’m not even a food critic. As long as it doesn’t taste awful and the price is reasonable, I’m up for it.

Oh ya, efficiency of the restaurant is also very important.
I don’t care how freaking good the food is, but if you only serve those food like 30mins to 1 hour late, Grumpy Nonnie will kill you! Okay, probably keep making impatient sound and stare angrily at those innocent waiters/waitresses.

And for this post, I’m going to share my dining experience in MOD Thai Food & Cafe.

Located super near to the Jerudong Shell Petrol station and serves not only Thai food, but also western dishes and local food too. There’s also a MOD beauty saloon next to it and I assumed they all belong to the same owner (because of the name, obviously).

Bobby and I were feeling very generous toward our appetite and hence ordered like 3 dishes, 1 soup and of course, 2 plates of rice. Wanted to order some deserts too but most of them are “OUT OF ORDER”.





Okay, people are going to think that I’m very mean for pointing out mistakes printed in the menu again. I think I need to clarify on this, I’m not a fussy person and I don’t know why some people thinks that I love to complain. Haih, say say my own personal opinion or experience also cannot like that. I’m just impatient, that’s all.



Pandan Chicken (9 pieces), juicy and not dry like most Thai restaurant.
B$ 5.50 … or B$6.50 I cant remember


Tom Yam Coconut Soup?
Crap.. I can’t be a food blogger man! I don’t even remember the name of it!

Less spicy, oily and more fragrant.


The usual Fried Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce.


Fried Egg Salad, sweet and sour!




That much on the table only sums up to a total of B$21.50!
And look at the portion!
Much love.

And the good thing was, all dishes served within 10 minutes and I’m serious! Like, within 5 minutes we already have our soup, rice, veggies served. And the Pandan chicken and fried egg salad served like few minutes later.

I just love how efficient they are!

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