Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little bit of here and there


Umm.. this is a filler post with no topic. Just posting some photos taken few months ago that I’d been wanting to blog. You know, the whole “Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit” thing…

Here’s my “bukit”.

Shane & 48 (my bestest friend), who came back for CNY… one week chun chun. She’s always back for CNY when I was going to celebrate mine in Sibu one.

Makan-ing in Excapade, one of her “must visit” when back in Brunei.


48, SL and a swollen pau disguised as leopard.


Here’s all of us.

After Excapade…

When in Brunei, do the Bruneian way.
Go to NBT and take photo with the decors what the falala.

P1080843 P1080845


Not sure which “area” the notice was hinting..

Alvin, is that chu?

P1080878 P1080879
Fast forward one week later when 48 and Shane were back in Brunei, for 6 hours.

Picked them up from the airport, had dinner, rest a bit and sent them back to the BIA. Can see her few minutes also gan-yen ah. I miss her and, CCM, kenapa nada email from you?!


Bobby camwhoring with Shane.

Another 6 more months to meet them again! WoohoooooOO!!!!

I have no idea how our faces turned out so pinkish in the photo. <3

Nah, to be fair. Here’s a good looking Bobby and a feipo.

Even lama-er photos. Cute souvenirs I bought from HCM.


Mask for FussyKelly because she reads Sweatlee’s blog too much and always “big wet eyes” me.

For PSL, because he always “no eye see” and “sweat” when it comes to his work.
Oops! :x I think I’m not suppose to say it.

This is for Theen, she blur one.

Chu-3. Open house at SL’s.
But we ended up taking photos in his (very empty) room I don’t know why.

Can see… old photo kan, when 48 was still around.
Oh, it was the very same day we went to BSB for Excapade and NBT.

I was still in my working attire.

Taken today!
Theen and SL accompanied me to get my glasses.

We all thought Theen looked quite good with that spectacles.
So demure and poise. Secretary what the falala.

Mine, it’s orange inside because I want it to be funkier and less serious.
Theen disagreed when I said I wanna wear it to work. Pfft~
I work with kids can, I can choose to look young also what~

Boleh tahan?

I never knew choosing the frame can be such tedious task!
Pray hard to God that I will not lose it like how I lost ….. I lost count how many glasses I’d accidentally sat on it or misplaced.

Picking it up tomorrow and gonna have a new look for the semester.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Nonnie, I used to know a lovely lady same name as yours. Thought you her and popped over. Oooops! Wrong number, but I sure am glad I busybody over.
I enjoyed looking at your well taken pics here.
You're an outstanding photographer.
Others take pictures, you create pictures. Wayyyy to go, Nonnie!

By the way, you sure one attractive lady too, *wink*.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Nonnie King said...

Awww... Thanks Uncle Lee.
I hope you'll visit this blog often and enjoy reading.