Saturday, March 8, 2008

I love being a woman

Sigh.. this blog is so dead.
Need to find some adventures to make my blog more lively.

The thing is... adventures and fun all need money.


Bobby said...

Happy International Woman's Day especially to the second great woman of my life Nonnie.

Princess Nashwa said...

Such a sentimental image. I thought we are on our way to an adventurous journey.. heheee Can't wait! :P

Drifting Cloud said...

I believe you will be able to find adventures with limited or without money... ;)

Kenny Ng said...

I'm glad being a man... because I can hamsup ma... LOL

Nonnie King said...

Ah Pui Lim : Second nya? Fine, cannot top Mama Lim =)

Lois : Sentimental? I thought it was so poser-ish?

Yeah! Two more weeks!!!

Drifting CLoud : But... but.. with money there's more fun mah.

Kenny : Owh.... woman also can hamsap isn't it?

nureen said...

Hello nonnie,
remember me? :P ur long lost comment buddy..hahaha..hey i read all ur post ok...i dun just hilang ah..Btw 'Happy women's day' to u...n all women out there. We r lucky to be women.

Nonnie King said...

Of course I remember you Nureen! You're one of the readers who commented way back when I'm a nobody in Brunei blogospehere. Not to say I am a big potato now la.

Once in awhile I browse thru my archieves and think when did all my commentors go.


Weird huh? More readers but less comments nowadays.

Miss your comments dear.