Thursday, November 8, 2007

Phewww VIDS


Unbilibala !!! (Nonnie's language for Unbelievable. Sorry, trying to act cute here.. =p)

Thanks thanks thanks thanks for all your birthday wishes. Being 24 is totally awesome! (Despite being labeled as "Mid 20s and another 6 more years to step into my third decade)

I think I just used up my "commentor quotas" for the next 20 posts, leaving me like...6.4 comments for this post?

Birthday had passed three days ago but I'm still receiving outstanding birthday gifts. Feels like advance Christmas lah, just no Santa and chimney for him to crawl in.

By the way, my bloginspiration is not back yet. I'm still on cloud nine. All my gifts are still nicely packed in a box and I must force myself to give them a proper place for them to live on this Sunday. If.... I'm not playing lami. =p

The watch (that Bobby gave) is still in the box and I took it occasionally just to admire and "test-wear". Put it back after couple of minutes because I know the clumsy me will somehow someway scratch or dent it.

I guess cheap rubber watch fits best to me.
Just that I mind the stinky smell of it after I sweat. So yeah, I still prefer stainless steel. At least not as busuk as rubber.

Here, two videos to keep you guys and girls entertained.

Sorry subtitles only available for video #1. I got tired editing it... It's just to tedious to repeat the same steps over and over again, I hate adjusting and checking the time line too. And...the subtitles didn't really match much to the conversations. I was in a hurry. Forgive me?

Oh oh. Before you click "play", maybe you should lower down your speakers volume a bit. The videos are a little noisy.

Spot the cutest kid in the party, the shameless mummy, my friend who always contribute long meaningful comments, the chatty food blogger and the mesmerized bloggers.

So.... Now you see my pancake face from different angles. Surprise?


Stels said...

Wahhhh lols so dark romantic the video ahahha.

Ehem! shud at least leave a commment here and tag u for every post.

u got more than 100 comments lols! Awesome!

Jan Shim said...

You are on a roll!

In the short time I came to know your name and blog, you have:

1. Emerged winner above 170 other personal blogs

2. Turned 24 with 128 birthday wishes

3. A Career in Teaching

4. Not one but several YouTube videos

5. Made my laugh out loud (seriously) through your writing. You're one hilarious entertainer!

In my humble little book, you've accomplished a lot. Keep up the good work, Nonnie!

Maurina said...

hahahaha, we do look so enamoured with thanis! so funny! and i just realised that you took forever to blow the candles! everyone was like.. shaddap lah woman! u funny lah nonnie!

Iwan Sanchez said...


hahahaa! after watching the video, i conclude that ur voice is so sweet..

hmmm.. unbelievable!!


De Pianist said...

ooooooooh..finally i can listen to your voice.haha..i'm curious all this long d..haha..=p..

awwwhhh...that lil girl really cute dou..^^

metallichick said...

Oooh... Happy Belated Birthday dearest Nonnie. Been away for nearly two weeks, so I hope the late greeting is okay :)

aDLiee said...

Hey there,just askin if aku link ko,no problem ka??

Nonnie King said...

Stels : Dark because no flash mah. Good also can hide my pimple-ly face. Hehehehhee.

And your comment box is finally working. I can leave comments not in your chatbox already. Hehehehe.

Jan Shim : That's really nice of you to list down what I'd done or "achieved". Still I don't feel any different between my online self and me in real life.

Oops! I forgot to link you up. Will do it later.

Nonnie King said...

Maurina : I know! I'm so long-winded! I'm funnier when I'm fearless to say what I want with friends, silly jokes with endless swearing. So, you want Thanis number? Hahahhaa

Iwan : SWEET? SWEET? As in manis? SWEET?

Can't believe my eyes. Never in my life anyone says that my voice is manis.

My voice sounds manly lah, the audio in the clips no chun. Hahaha. You can try calling me and see how I answer you "Hello".

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Hai, sorry that you all have to "mature and low pitch" voice.
Sshhh... don't say so loud here, later the mum perasaan again. Hahahaha

Metallichick : Better late than never sweetie. =)

Adliee : Sure, no problem.

Anonymous said...

Haha yeah I am as curious as iwan as what you sound like. And you know what I find amazing.. you sound just how I imagined you sound everytime I read your blog. As if I can hear your voice in your writing.
Thanks for the vids!

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Like I say, I blog just the way I'll talk in real life.. plus a lot more louder and harsher.


Bobby said...

I thought I always say that your voice is bit sexy and sweet? You always don't believe me so now got other ppl agree too that it's sweet. least you like the watch. This year 100 plus comment, next year 200+ and infinity? Hehe

Nonnie King said...

Bobby: Your words no chun mah. Even when I look ugly and fat you also tell me I'm pretty and cute.

How to trust?


Iwan Sanchez said...

i did want to call u and chat with u over the phone.. but scared..

but but... ppl said that if ur voice is not nice to hear, it means the person is pretty!!

and u r!!


Nonnie King said...

Iwan : If both also don't have.. then how?

Tina said...

Hahaha, I can't help but see myself chew so fast! I've said this, and I will say it again, he was captivating! And such a story-teller! Hehe.

(I speak for both Maurina and myself that we would shamelessly like to be invited to one of his Pizza parties!)


Nonnie King said...

Tina : Pizza parties? Just make sure I'll be there too. He's such a devil showing me food pictures at night, telling me what he'd cooked lately but NEVER invited me! Damn you Thanis!

Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak nonnie,
u tink so low of urself..


i agreed with anonymous comment!!

Thanis said...

Hee hee - Paiseh .. lately it's marriage season and attending too many weddings - din even get the chance to blog or cook much.

And Nonnie - I'm still dieting ... but no signs of weight loss yet ... must be that night kena you curse liao T_T