Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stupid drivers should be punished!

Gah! I believe most of you share the same experience...

You suddenly felt regret that the foul words that you know are so limited to yell at the stupid driver who's jeopardizing lives on the road and yet didn't look sorry at all.

And Brunei's traffic condition is nothing compare to other countries. Drivers here have more courtesy to give way. In Brunei, when drivers highlight you, that means he/she is giving you the way. But I remembered when I was in Bangkok, when driver horned and highlighted, that means they're not letting you to come out. I can never imagine myself driving in the busy streets of Bangkok. Thus making me appreciate Seria more. *hugs nodding donkey*

Still, there's always black sheep who make exceptions!

Here, I'll show you a lauyah drawing (by me) so that you can understand better what I want to rant about. Don't laugh at my drawing.

Clearly it happened in Kiulap yesterday. I was driving S.L's car (was his driver yesterday as he went for wisdom tooth extraction yesterday and face swollen like pig head =p) on my way exiting the entrance of Kiulap.

Then there's this green Hyundai Accent who simply came out from his junction on my left, eyes looking on his left only and didn't even bother to check his right (where I was). Ooii uncle! Salah leh you!

Lucky I wasn't driving very fast and braked in time. I was forced to stop my car in the middle of the road just because I HAD TO give him way since his car body already half out liao. !(^#$@%@$@^$%!#^*^!#!!!

I narrowed my brows, pulled down my face (my signature beh-song look) and stared at him with my small but fiery eyes, waiting for him to know how mad I was.

He turned his head (finally after 3 seconds of me pulling my face). I thought he'll look sorry for being so careless and apologize by nodding his head but NO! He showed me his FIST!


You stupid botak ah pek with the height of 4 feet 9 weighing 80kg with bad odour, I guess... You think you old then no need to see road kah? You think the road your father one ah? Show me your fist lagi, I didn't show you my finger good enough liao, show me your fist! Stupid old man!

What? Want to tumbuk me is it? Come lah, I one hand stopped your forehead your hand also cannot reach me liao, ai-tung-gua! HAHHAHHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAAH!!! (Self-syokking moment)

(Ai tung gua - Chinese slang use to mock people's height. Direct translation, Short winter melon)

Sai you! Don't let me see you again else I will... I will... I will.... curse you again? Sigh, I'm such a loser.

Dear God, please make stupid drivers stay at home while I'm on the road. Please? High blood pressure leh if like that everyday.


Iwan Sanchez said...

yay!! 1st!!!

hahahaa! i can understand how u feel!! I also detest ppl who dun bother to look left and right.. it hapened to me too! and sometimes there are ppl who ignore the road rules..

as in if the road is in my favour, they dun bother one..

this kind of driver dun deserve to drive..

shud banned them..

now i have the phobia of driving again.. really..

but in BKK and KL also worse..

not discriminating the malaysia or other countries, but i myslef have encountered such incident..


Anneesa said...

LOLOLOL! I can imagine the uncle come out of the car and you hold him by his forehead to stop him from punching you.


I drive my cousin's Mini when Im back in Jerudong and what I've noticed is that people always have the tendency to bontot me all the time. Even when I'm just over taking. I don't know why, but somehow the Mini provokes other drivers to race me.

And im a slow driver!! And usually drive on the left lane. AND STILL THEY WANT TO RACE.

Chet. Im like bo pien lor, I let you win. If I press pedals you will eat my dust, but I don't want to habis minyak just because of your stupid ego.



Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Mm huh. I agree with you. Try driving in Brunei, I like you'll love it when cruising down the highway, provided no one tailgate you la.

Ness : Eh...What is bontot? Nevermind, ask you later. You slow driver? Okay lor.. if 120km/hr is consider slow for you. Hehehheee

Mini looks kambang wa, try you drive your green family car, no one bothers to look at you.


BaBy JeE said...

YES!!! they shall be punished!!!

I got THIS same experience as well, this morning while I was driving to work!! FUGGING SCARE the wits outta me. Kena hon summore!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

nonnie, i tink bontot is tailgate?

correct me if i am wrong, ness..


bontot in singapore malay is also known as the ass..


Nonnie King said...

Jee : Miri andang terror, especially at the round about. Somemore have to jaga stupid bikers lagi. I salute you for daring to drive there.

Iwan : Ya, I guess so. She just explained to me and I think its the same meaning as tailgate.

Hahahha. Your bontot very big. Just kidding.

Hungryduo said...

you should show him two fists! hahaha
do you still remember what type of car he drives?

- Hunnie <3

De Pianist said...

same same lah..cuz i'm still under P license..yet people love bullying day i already got horn thrice for something i didn't do at all..and i wasn't slow one time i drive,then one lorry passed me and still dare to horn me ..when i looked at them,they still smiled very ching kak somemore...

i would be glad to crush them if i have bigger lorry than them..grrr

Jan Shim said...

And here you were thinking all along that the "Circle of Death" was an urban myth. :)

The smaller roundabout at the corner of TAIB Gas station in Beribi is just as dangerous as its bigger more sinister brother. Smaller often means less margin for errors and I've lost count how many near misses I've seen there.

Glad you escaped unscathed. Hate to have the tickler of my funny bones get hurt!

Nonnie King said...

Hunnie : I hadn't recovered from the shock when he showed his fist, couldn't show him mine in time! Regret ah!

Hyundai Accent, Green. BEWARE!

Pau Lene : No offense but some "P" drivers scare the hell out of me in Malaysia. Maybe not you, but the "P" who drives Saga or kancil.

If only we can have like buttons to push and release grease or nails when got stupid drivers at the back.

Anyone want to invent that?

Jan Shim : LOL! "Circle of Death"!!!

I think the teapot roundabout is also quite dangerous. There's three lanes when exit from the highway but there's only two lanes on the road!!!

Wonder who so smart draw the extra lane...

Jan Shim said...

"Wonder who so smart draw the extra lane..."

The extra lane is for folks who is late and REALLY need to make it to Excapade on time. The standard lanes for WYWY and FRATINI. Folks from Seria don't seem to go beyond these places:)

The only exception being

As to who drew them, want to venture a guess?!!

Sha said...

Annoying drivers piss the hell out of us pedestrians too. They never know how to signal and when we think they are heading straight and start to cross the steet.. they make a sudden turn. If langgar me how? I whack them ah!

Kenny Ng said...

You should snap the pic and post it up, let the whole world know about it.

Nonnie King said...

Jan : HAHAHHAA! So, it's for Excapade's customer la? XD
I use the middle lane everyday to work and nearby got bang by some idiot who took the third lane.

Sha : Whack them and SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSScratch their car, puncture the tyres and rub lemon on their windscreen!

Kenny : Its too late for me to get my camera out. Sad

Jan Shim said...

"HAHAHHAA! So, it's for Excapade's customer la? XD I use the middle lane everyday to work and nearby got bang by some idiot who took the third lane."

Understandably, when someone is on the THIRD LANE and very hungry, their concentration and judgement is compromised until adequately refuelled. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. hey, yesterday i experienced sumthing like ur one.. at the small roundabout near mall&McD, I was from centrpoint to SKH (jln straight one lah. I stop at the roundabout to give way to this one car from right-mall & kadai kuminis). after the car pass me, then i slowly drive heading to pasar. baru masuk sikit that small roundabout, then there's this one car 4wd with stupid pak hj and his family inside(wife, i guess n small kids sitting behind)rushing out from Pasar/SKH to Pizza/Booker. Stupid eh that pak hj. he stop lagi arah the roundabout and stared at me mcm bapak dia punya jalan. Lesen sama jua, 4 digit! kalau lesen just letter, I can say nothing la-Memang bapak dia punya jalan. But this stupid pak hj, as if ia kuat la konon! Stupid eh! Mentang2 ia tua. [emosi lah me!]

Rayna said...

Oh! I had a similar experience when I was driving but it was worse as I WAS ACTUALLY LEARNING TO DRIVE with my teacher in the car. I drove SO SLOWLY and a guy just came out so suddenly and forced me to stop!

And he pointed straight at me with an angry look on his face. I mean, seriously, I was LEARNING TO DRIVE and he pointed at me rudely.


I chose to give him the finger.