Thursday, November 22, 2007

Make new friends

I do have some topics to blog about but I'm having a really busy week that I can't put my thoughts into words.

Before going any further, I'm just wondering...

How do you make new friends? And from where?

Do you,

A) See this cute chick from your friend's MSN display pic, or maybe browsing through Friendster and pester the "Connected Friends" for contact?

B) Meet this random hunk/ chick from the street and terus mengurat asking for phone number?

C) Register yourself to some corny website like and wait for people to ter-stumble on your page?

D) MIRC? (Anyone still chat there? That place is full of buaya la....)

And base on what you want to befriend this person?


A) He/ she's cute?

B) He/ she posted a nude photo so maybe there's a free meal? Hmmm..

C) He/ she has 156465 friends in her list and if you're not one them then you're a Loser?

I'm just curious.

The other day a friend of mine asked me to introduce him "the girl in my MSN display pic" and I asked him why, what's wrong with his "old friends" that he need to make new one? He thought I'm nuts asking questions like that.

Am I'm weird?

Who cares? I'm going to take my beauty nap now.... Had an exhausting day at work today.

Post may be deleted, or re-edit or whatever when I'm awake.
We'll see.


Iwan Sanchez said...

i guess this is kinda subjective cos some ppl are just too freindly and just by striking a simple conversation, they will become freinds edi..


and on what bases, i tink the reasons that u said in ur blog, applies to ppl who r not sincere in making frens..

i mean where got ppl use sucjh reasons to make frens rite..


and MIRC is extinct!

my 2 cents

Anneesa said...

Girl in MSN display pic must be SI BEH CUTE hor?

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Being friendly is one thing, making friend with a purpose is another kan?

Ness : Yeah, She's cute, but I'm CUTER~

Kelly said...

hahhaha, the girl in the pic must be Ness??

Anyway, making new friends depends on "fate" too? I thought "purposely" making new friends is sort of "old fashioned" already? Hehehe, that's my thought though.....but the way u answer that guy does made him speechless...hahahaha!

teddY said...

Hello Nonnie :) I think that the best way to make friends is actually through friends and after a face-to-face meeting. Chatting online gives people means to hide their true identity, and usually people appear more friendly than they really are online. This is not because I doubt the very nature of human beings, but research do say that people are more open and sociable online than in real life, most probably because people usually use nicknames, so even when they've done something wrong (e.g. said something offensive), they can avoid the embarrassment one would experience if this should happen in a real life meet up.

I do use facebook, but it's not the main aim for me to join just to make friends. Most of the social networking sites give people the false hope of meeting new friends - they are actually just places where people can use to connect with each other, meaning that a prior knowledge on each other is needed - e.g people use facebook because they want to stay connected to their friends, not because they want to make new friends.

I'm not really comfortable about talking to people on the street who I think is appealing, because firstly you might make them think that you're too liberal by asking any man-on-the-street to be your friend. Or worse still, you know nothing about the person you're talking to. I have a really bad experience in this, so I encourage anyone not to make friends with strangers just because they look appealing to you or whatsoever.

The best way to make friends is throguh your own friends - your own friends most probably know what kind of personality you have and what kind of people you'll like or dislike, so it is always best to let your friends introduce you new people should you want to make new friends :) like the old saying goes, your best friend knows the best.

And nope Nonnie you're not weird at all :D I would really second guess the integrity and motive of someone who wants to meet people they don't even know themselves. They're weird, not you.

Take care!

Effy said...

Well i think i agree with Iwan in this. Hahaha.. Just make friends la but if there is an intention then we don't know for sure what. It is upon on the other individual how he/she responds to it. But i dunno la.. i dun really dwell into this kinda thing. I like meeting and making new friends, its fun most of the time. Though nothing beats our old friends. They are awesome and the best!!

My 2 cents (too). Hahahaha..