Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Spider-King VS Dinoraffe (I'm Jobless)

Who win?

Of course SPIDER-KING lah.

But I malas edit liao. And the above pics are all badly photoshopped, same reason: I lazy.


The Spider-man mask belongs to Kyran and I took those pics when I visited them.

Kyran, Justina & Jaimi, Nonnie

And as for the weird excavator painted in giraffe print and a dinosaur head, saw it when I was acting like a tour guide bring Double-J (Jerry & Joe) to 4 schools in KB area.

But I give credit for the creativity though.

I want to paint my car into a cute hippo. Nah, just kidding. Not going to waste money like that.

Damn..when is this holiday getting over? I'm feeling really unproductive.

Oh yah, remember in my previous post mentioning about Shabby Chic?

Rano updated that entry in his website and this is the photo he snapped on me.

Oh my... look at those sepet eyes. And the round nose. And the chubby cheeks. If I'm getting bald, I'll look like those big round tummy business man with the belt tighten at the low waist underneath their tummy. Hahhaa.

Anyway, this post is lame.


(Finally, Iwan and Luuee are back. At least some entertainment)

By the way, anyone know any place serving nice christmas dinner in Brunei? I'm looking for a nice restaurant.


LuUeE said...

hahaha.. yes, i am first here today..
Oh, my Nonnie, let's run.. i need a hitch a ride in your car.. THE F1.. And i am back.. I think you need the help of cicak man.. from malaysia.. to aid you in fighting Dinoraffe..

rose said...

goshh u r really really good with photoshop... *rosie envious*... hehe

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : My diesel car sure kalah lah.

Spider-King is powerful enough liao. No need Cicak Man.

* * *

Rose : Amatuer only. I got teased by my friend about how lousy is my photoshop skills. Sigh..

JaMie said...

... make ur car into hippo. eeee. next time i wanna make mine into pink kitty cat. awww.

lunaticgal said...

hahah the first pig, REALLY NICE!
i love it!

my car i wana be a fat yellow beetle

Anonymous said...

first of all thank you for not doing the spiderking and dinoraffe battle scene, if not pacah..

i like the last spiderking picture, quite good..

ohhh, how kyran's dad look like?

uglyfatchick said...

LOL.. That's funny. Btu you're good at photoshopping. I also want..

Erm btw, there's no pork in Brunei, right?

Kenny Ng said...

LOLOL... u not good in photoshop is ok... but u r good to create story n jokes... that's we wanted.

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : Okay, maybe not a hippo. Maybe some other things.

* * *

Lunatic : Pig? or Pic?

Then you might as well buy VW Beetle.

* * *

Rebbe : What thing will pacah oh?

Well..actually, I run out of photos to edit because I didn't take enough. So I didn't do the battle scene lor.
Quite sayang tho.. bad finishing.

Kyran's dad is a British Indian. You imagine how he looks like lah.

Nonnie King said...

Christina : Thanks. Hehe.

Got pork in Brunei ah.
Just need to know where to find those non-halal restaurant nya

* * *

Kenny : I want to add more but I malas liao.

SO I ended it up adbruptly. Hehe.

Lucky you all still find it funny.

War186 said...

LOL! If you ended your post with the battle definitely I wouldn't be able to handle one. My stomach will burst one. Hehe.

Amateur or not, still ok. At least much more better than me 'cause I don't know how to at all. Heh. :(

Saw your pic at Rano's site before you posted. Hehe. Famous lah now. ;)

The only places I know are Dynasty and RBC but then have to have big budget. They provide entertainment also.

Kyran is cute. :) Eurasian, huh?

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hehe. See, I'm a saviour for not having the battle scene. Muahahaa

I where got famous, so far nada orang recognize me when I walk around the Mall. No one ask me to take picture with them pun. hehehee.

I'm thinking Empire Pantai. Sheraton a bit expensive. Sigh..

Yeap, Kyran's Eurasian. Super cute.

Merv Kwok said...

hahahha damn cute lar you! spider king. hahahaha

teddY said...

Haha nonnie those are really nice photos about the weird crane! Hehe!

And yea I nearly forgot you're a teacher and no wonder you're looking forward to school reopen XD

Anonymous said...

ahhh no wonder the kids look indian-ish will a spinkle of oriental.. patut lawa2..

Iwan Sanchez said...


That excavator damn unique lor!!


Hmmm... maybe u can just a settle down a nice christmas dinner anywhere in brunei??

Do they have haagen daaz or secret recipes there?

Nonnie King said...

MervKwok : Hehehe. That's a cuter pic of "Spider-King" in October that you should really go and check it out, "The Beginning of Spider-King"!

Then you'll get the whole Spider-King thingie.

* * *

Teddy : I know, I saw it and I say, "MUST TAKE PICTURE OF IT".

That's right! Only teachers can't wait for school to reopen. Hahaha.

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : A lor. Mixed blood always look lawa.

O+ and B+ also mixed blood, how come I don't look lawa?

* * *

Iwan : I am having xmas dinner in Brunei, just don't know which restaurant to go nya.

And.. Brunei don't have Haagen Daaz! Not even Baskin Robin! And also Star Buck!

lunaticgal said...

sorry its typo, pic!

Vw? hmm i think of mini wo :P

uglyfatchick said...

oh.. cause maybe in a few years time I might go there to stay 1-2years... So must find out first. :P

Sha said...

That's a very cute crane.. haha..
Come on down to Singapore!! I'll bring you to Settlers' Cafe!!

Nonnie King said...

Lunee : A lor, I thought you called me a PIG!

Mini ah? Quite nice also, at least easy to park.

* * *

Christina : 1-2 years? Bored till you die ah.

* * *

Sha Sha : It's a funny one I think.

Yippee, next time I go S'pore no need to scare boring liao. So many nice kawan(s) bring me jalan.

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. No worries.. you need cicak man sometimes, more abilities. Then can battle the big.. dinaor.. actually to defeat the dinasor.. just need to find the key switch off enough liao.. mwhahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Hhahahaha!! So true. Just need to off the engine nya.