Sunday, December 31, 2006

Girly Bloggers Night out (29.12.2006)

This gathering placed a really nice full-stop for my year 2006.

With the combination of thousands of emails, fund collection for buying a gift for everyone, sort of a potluck dinner, camera flashes everywhere and our dear mamalobengs singing, our night out totally rocks!

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I had a hard time explaining to my mum where am I going and who am I meeting because she doesn't know what a "blog" means.

Me: Ma... I'm going to BSB tomorrow to meet up with some friends.
Mum: Who?
Me: Some friends that I never meet before but already know them online (from their blogs).
Mum: Ha? What?
Me: *walk away quietly because I don't know how to further explain it*

I bet most of us had that, it's difficult to make them understand what a blog means especially when they freaked out when it's a "online" thingie.

You know lah, everyday newspaper and TV having news of girls got cheated by "boyfriend" whom they meet online, later kana tipu money and virginity and later kill them lagi that sort of thing.

Bah, enough nonsense, back to the topic.

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Nisah and I meet up on Friday morning to ready up the breast cancer and PCOS awareness brochure and also searched for packaging for the pink & white M&M special edition.

We get the flyers done in my place, Nisah did the text editing and I'm on the design.

Sigh.. It sucks to shop in KB/ Seria. We went thru up and down, and finally thought of a way to nicely pack the chocolates. Put them into a container (that looks like those little cups that RIPAS has for putting medicine) and staple the pink ribbon on them.

There wasn't much time left after the chocolate productions at Nisah's place and she still hadn't cook the dip yet. So I went back home, took a rest and shower and rushed to Nisah's place again.

Ngam ngam her mum decorating the bread. So chalie. And I wonder how they stuffed the bowl into the bread so nicely.

Nisah scooping the dip into the bread.
She wouldn't let me taking picture of her face.

Us ready to go

We arrived Emma's place at 8pm. It was raining thus there goes our garden party.

Emma was really sweet, like how everyone put it, a perfect host! And her house is really nice. The tables were nicely set up, a huge thanks to the "Decoration Committee" who went there early and Zimmy blowing the balloons.

Can you see chopsticks beside the spoon?
We're having sushis!

Everyone there are natual born camwhores I think. I shouted, "Hey everyone look here.", within 0.1seconds, they all gave their gorgeous pose and their best smiles.

Except for Maurina, have no idea what is she looking at? Brad Pitt kah? Or the BlogSpeak article?

And also the gifts, "nicely" wrapped. Like Maurina says, "You can only look at it this far", mm.. about 1 meter away from your eyes. If not you'll see the celotapes running all over the wrappers.

It's ok babe, what important is the thing inside kan?

The gifts with ribbons

The incomplete group photo
With the stairs, everyone can hide their real heights.

It's a bloggers meet and almost everyone brought their camera along. So when we're taking this picture, all we can see is stars and dark patches because of the camera flash.

Like celebrities.

See, we should had worn the shades. And I thought someone say want to bring payung lagi.

Just 2/3 of the total no. of cameras

The girls busy blotting

After photo taking session, all of us get seated and waited for Nisah's speech on Breast Cancer and PCOS awareness.

The M&M, chocolates and flyer

Oh ya I forgot to mention, when Nisah and I were packaging the M&M, Nisah's mum suggested us to stick an expiry date there. So funny lah auntie.

The flyer we prepared

Nisah preparing herself before speaking up
I bet the words Nisah said touched everyone of us and let us know that we're so blessed with a healthy body. Not going to say much about this because Nisah warned us "Don't write it in your blogs please".

So, am not writing it here.

Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.
Not writing it.

See, still not writing it.

Oh ya, Mizi was the photographer that night and Rano decided to drop by and took some pics too. However, I get this very cute photo of them. Hehehee.

So ngam Rano is pointing to himself.
So ngam Mizi was holding the cat.
So ngam Zimmy is looking helpless.

So, cannot waste it. Must put some (stupid) captions.

This is what Mizi said when he first saw me, "So you're Nonnie. I love the captions in your photos. Very funny the Spider-King."

For the first 3 seconds, I don't know whether I should feel happy about it or malu. But, as a muka-tembok person, I asked Rosie and Nisah to be quiet and asked Mizi to repeat what he said again. Hahahhaa. I'm so lame.

Spider-King is more famous than Nonnie King. Pathetic eh. But it does feel nice knowing that there are people out there who's reading my blog. =p

And, I always thought Mizi is a girl... Mizi sounds like girl kan?

Me: Hi, What's your name?
Mizi : (Long string of name which I forgot)mizi(continue with the long string of name)
Me: Oh, you have the word "mizi" in your name. I thought "Mizi" is for fun.

I know, I'm stupid.

Finally, makan time!

I'll leave the photos of food for Yeeman and Serene, our food bloggers.

I was so damn hungry and thus gets really greedy in taking a big plate of food. Finished it but couldn't go for the second roung. So sayang, I didn't get to eat all the food there.

Serene had a flight to catch the next morning so she had to go early. Thus we fast forward the "bagi present" time.

Maurina and Nisah asked me to "dip" the gifts from the big bag because I have no idea what's inside so it's more fair.

Whereas the gift buying committee shouts in excitement or disappointment everytime I pulled out a present.

They're eyeing for something they want.

So girls, please don't get mad at me if you didn't get what you want yah. I'm sorry.

The gift-giving ceremony
Mau, Nisah and I

I was really surprised by the gifts the girls bought! It's really thoughful and every girls will for sure like it and get to use them.

Instead of stuffs like photo frames, key chain or what-so-ever lame stuffs, they bought lip balm, Dove hair treatment spray and moisturizer cream! How cool is it!

It's really smart of you girls! *Salute*

After that, Najwa, better called as Mamalobengs because I can't really pronounce that word sang beautifully to entertain us.

If only I could have her voice. Her voice really makes us go "Awwwww...."


Mmm.. Not sure if she'll marah or not, but here, a short clip of her singing!

(I don't know but the Youtube shows this video status as "Uploaded(Processing. Please Wait". I hope the video works soon.

We asked her to encore 3 times! Just can't get enough of it bah. And I thought she's still single lagi. (It's a compliment!)

Some random pictures taken

That's Tina and Nisah playing with the glow stick

I want to play too!

Hehe, I asked Nisah to pose like we're having a battle.

I'm good in posing stupidly.

And the next one you're going to see, Zeti and I with sexy pouted lips.

Tell me, how many married woman with kids will ever pose like this? That's why she rocks!

Gah, I should had stand behind so my face looks smaller.

I hope I can blogged like what Rosie did (in her post), stating the first impressions she had for everyone. I can't do it because I didn't get to talk and take picture with everyone there. Probably the next time we have a gathering again, we have something like speed dating, changing seats every 5 mins talking with different people.

Hahahha. I'm just kidding about this.

Here, some of the babes had blogged about the night liao. Please go and visit their blog and you'll know how much fun we had that night.

Maurina: A blast that was

Amie Heidi: Girly Bloggers Night Out ~ Without pictures

(weird title I know)

Tina: SHR Aidil Adha

Zee: Girly Bloggers Night # 1

Yeeman: Friday, 29th Dec 2006

Danurasara: Bloggers' Night Out and Breast Cancer Awareness

Mamalobengs: The Fabulous Lady Blogger (Unplugged)

Ziimy: Bloggers Night Out

Atul : The Night

Rosie: RD 97 - First Impression?

I hope I didn't missed anyone out. Will update the list when more blog about it.

Sorry ah, nada photoshopped pictures Rosie. All editing done in MS Word, print screen and paste in MS Paint and later cropped. Hehehe.

I'm lazy, and I love editing my pictures in MS Word because it saves more time.

But hey, at least mine got the most pic now! Hhahahaaa

p/s: Ok, ok. I've noticed that my stats is shooting up. I bet you girls can't wait to see what I wrtoe huh.

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Oh by the way, just want to show you what Chau bought for me from Japan.

Cool or not? Got Ramen, bao, dumplings, fried rice and even chopsticks!

And this is what Nisah gets me. She said when she thought of me when she saw it.

Erm.. Do I have such big eyes?


Happy 2007!

2006 had been great for me.

I'm too lazy to review what I did in 2006.

And I hope more will be coming in 2007. Oh God, I'm turning 24..

And I wonder if NBT is going to have a "pig" figure during Chinese New Year since it's not "halal".


Vixennova said...

I knew it Nonnie always has her unique way of blogging and great layout on pictures - I love how you make your blog animated.

Wesehmen rupanya aku jadi hotmama udah... bah step aside Heidi Klum! Nah perasan cia ku nah.

I'm already snatching some of ur pics. So pls post more. See you around sweetie or shall I say 'SPider-King'. Happy New Year!

rose said...

oh yess!! i forgottt about ur style of editing.. hehe whats d word for it??? 'nonnie-photoeditting-style'...and i am NOT dissapointed!!! i loveee those pictures with the captions.. heeee

still the best article on Girlytime Bloggers' Nite so far....

p/s: Dee has the most pictures btw haha do u know her link? :P go ask her heee.... but hers nada caption like urss...

i am still waiting patiently (read *impatiently) for mizi to upload those pictures....

rebelandaliberator said...

haha i love the photo with the boys and the cat haha.. very ngam.. haha..

you guys had fun ah..

Nonnie King said...

Zeti : Blog animated? That's the first time I heard it. But me likey!

You are a hot mama, still having body figure of 18yrs old. I think my shape looks more like a mother than you. And Heidi Klum should learn it from you. Hhahahaa.

I hope the flickr account will be up soon so I can upload it there.

Nonnie King said...

Rosie : Hahaha. I never I got my own style of editing, except the lazy style.

Best article, nada eh. The most talkative one yes lah.

Am going to ask for her blogsite to curi her gambar!

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : I know! I was like, damn... wasted if nada caption, must put (A REALLY STUPID) one!

We did have fun. Next time we'll have one inviting guys so I ask you to pose and put captions on it.

dee said...

Nonnie, bila you want to curi my photos haaa? Heheheh...nanti i email you my link..or awal ani lah..hehehe..

Was nice meeting you...

ps: funny caption indeed..hehehe

Tina said...

Ya Allah! I look so scary! Hahahaha. I so didn't expect you to post it up!

uglyfatchick said...

I wished I was there. hahas.

ziimy said...

Haha, The picture of me, rano and mizi is great! Like what rebel & aliberator said, "So ngam!"

- Lovely post. :)

ziimy said...

Haha, The picture of me, rano and mizi is great! Like what rebel & aliberator said, "So ngam!"

- Lovely post. :)

Nonnie King said...

Dee : Nice meeting you too. You're so bubbly~

* * *

Tina : Why? I like it. Could have photoshop it and add in some more spiritual feel.
Then print it out and stick on my door to scare other "thing" away~!

Nyek nyek nyek.

Nonnie King said...

Christina : You people in Singapore can organized a bloggers meet too mah.

* * *

Ziimy : Hehe. Sound like I'm a great photographer eh~

Nice meeting you. From your blog I always thought that you're those rebelious full of rage and anger teens. But you have a sweet smile you know?

IngSiang said...

Blogger meet out in Sg would be so-so big, haha, v diff eh?

Sounds so fun! And I am really impressed by the decoration and stuffs u ppl did, all the 'xin shi'(heart?) you ppl put in this outing, so nice! =)


Hey, what's the age range ah? I know it's rude to ask so, but I just wonder who's the youngest, how old eh? @_@

Again, I wish I am a girl(for that event), ahah.

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : The youngest is 17, the oldest.. I mean eldest, no idea bor.

Next time we'll have one inviting guys too. And ask Mr. BR to host! Hhaahaha. JK.

rose said...

the youngest would be 14 yrs old if that gurl turned up .. but she bailed out on us at d very last minute! hehe scared kali!!

p/s: great idea nonnie! hehe (i mean about asking mr BR to host d next gathering!)

War186 said...

OMG it looks like so much fun! Can't believe I missed it. Heh. Great post, almost felt like I was there. Hehe kesian.

Nonnie King said...

Rose : Wow. I mean really, 14 yrs old?

Someone should suggest the idea to Mr. BR. Hahhahaaa

* * *

Wardah : I know! I wanted to meet you in real life and ask you to ajar me how to pose to look thin bah.

Tina said...

Hahaha, what if they like what they see and they come looking for me?


Nonnie King said...

Tina : Keep the glow stick everywhere you go so you can show "them" the LOOK.

Tina said...

What?! Hahahaha. I'll probably be taken in somehow. That picture scares me, really. LOL.