Friday, December 22, 2006

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This is going to be a rojak post.

A little here and there. O-ji-pa-la to the extreme. Hehehehe.

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Went to Miri with Bobby yesterday.
Upon reaching the Miri custom.... We saw this.

Me: Eeehh? Where to queue? You're a Malaysian and I'm (not even) a Bruneian.

Really weird lah. Why want to classify like that? Got difference meh? Still queuing what. So what if we're all Malaysian or foreigners? Thought the procedures are still the same?

1. Scan Passport
2. Chop Passport.

Or maybe they should have one more sign written "Mixed".

-_- !!!

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Oh, look what I found in Popular (Miri) !!!

Penguin labers!

Muahahhahhahaaa. Cool/ Cute/ Sat or not? Steady leh?

One for me, one for Mabel and one for SukChin.
We're the three laber-collectors!

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And this is what happened when we (Bobby & I) were in KFC waiting for our turn to order.

He just loves to take every chance he can to bully me with his words. And normally I return him the "favour" by Power Punch or Super Pinch.

But he never learn his lesson.

p/s: Pic taken for better illustration. Nah.. I'm just bored.

What's wrong with ordering kid's meal?
Kid's meal always seem to be the best choice with the right amount of food what.

I remember there's one time that I went to Pizza Hut and wanted to order kid's meal (BBQ chix wing + fries + soft drink)...

Me: Can I have Kid's meal No.2?
Waiter: '_'? Sorry mum, you want to order kid's meal?
Me: Yah.
Waiter: Kid's meal?
Me: Aha.
Waiter: It's a kid's meal.
Me: Mmm.. You mean.. I can't order a kid's meal?
Waiter: Ya, sorry mum.
Me: -__-" Okay, let me choose another one.

Is it wrong if I want to order kid's meal? It's cheaper and I can finish it without wasting the food mah.

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It is so crazy that I have three, NOT ONE, BUT THREE classmates (from the same class, ITB, CIS Dept, Intake 18) getting married in a row!

Pakat one kah?

23rd Dec - Brother Keith
24th Dec - Liza (a.k.a Pinky)
25th Dec - Huraizah

Lucky I wasn't invited for the last one. If not I'll be travelling up and down BSB - Seria like orang gila.

p/s: That's a 100+km by the way. Approximate an hour drive.

Let me agak-agak show you how much I had to travel.

Trip A - Go BSB for Keith & Yun's wedding.
Trip B - Go back Seria.

Trip C - Go Lumut for Liza's wedding.
Trip D - Go back Seria.

Trip E - Go Empire for Xmas Eve dinner.
Trip F - Go back Seria.

Why have to go back Seria you asked?

Well... Because I got no place to go and the time gap in between is too big liao. I don't want to lepak in town because that means I'll be spending more money.

Sigh... My car is due for maintenance not long again...(Money fly)

Is December such a good month till everyone want to rush to get married before 2007?

God knows.

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Lastly, I'll like to say



If you're wondering, yeap, the cute baby in Santa suit and crying half naked is Kyran.


JaMie said...

omg. so cute so cute so cute!!!!!

rebelandaliberator said...

hey kyran got chance to become a model when he's older ah..

uglyfatchick said...

The last few post all got baby photos. You tempt people to get married faster..

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : Go find other races and you can have baby like that too.

* * *

Rebbe : Maybe? Then I better start collect everything about him so I can make some money next time.
Just kidding lah.

* * *

Christina : Hahaha. Got kan?

No money no talk about wedding and baby tho.

JaMie said...

i used to have a eurasian bf when i was 14. kekeke.

LuUeE said...

hahaha.. Nonnie, Bobby and you make the cutest couple. Hai~ paiseh yesterday couldn't make it. I was quite sick. So strange too. This year first time. hahaha..

I think if you wanna keep the penguins then you must make for them somewhere cold. hahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : 14 already got bf?
Sigh.. I think I'm starting to sound like an official auntie liao.

I got my first bf when I was 17 ah.

* * *

Luuee : You feeling better? It's ok lah, you sick mah. Understandable one.

Was thinking to visit you but scare kacau you rest.

My penguins are fine, I put them into the fridge liao. Hahaha

Sue21 said...

Nonnie you are so funny. Love the way you put pics in your blog to tell stories :)

Kyran is super cute. First thought - Aww, she googled for baby pics in santa suit. That is sweet.

I had to scroll up and down to look at the pic again. So cute lah your nephew.

Thanis said...

Merry christmas and a happy new year ;)

lunaticgal said...

ahhaha this post make me laugh (although im stil bad mood now) i never think of bobby can play w u and let u post up in blog...
lol.. really fun couple :)

Nonnie King said...

Sue : Thanks Sue. Am glad you like my mindless way of blogging. Hehe.

Yah, Kyran looks like those baby from those pampers or milk powder ad kan?

* * *

Thanis : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.
Make any wish already?

* * *

LuNee : Why bad mood? Because school is starting?

Why you never think Bobby can play with me? I know, he looks fierce and serious right? Hahhaa.

I tell him I want to blog what happened in a comical way and ask him to pose. Actually he doesn't like the pics because he said he don't look good in it.

He's actually funny and playful. Eventho his face always look like people owe him money.

Anonymous said...

How about verizon cellular phone , why not post something on that for a change?

IngSiang said...

"The last few post all got baby photos. You tempt people to get married faster.."

Agree. =D

LuUeE said...

hahha.. thnks for wnting to visit me,but maybe i scared you later. I was only wearing a short pants the whole day. hahaha..

Oh.. But i think your frigde not cold enough, the penguin you need to put in my fridge.. is better.. mwhahaha..

Sha said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong in ordering a kids meal, especially if you are eyeing for the toy *heehee*.

They shouldn't even question you. How rude.

And oh, can I kidnap the little cutie? :)

rebelandaliberator said...

so how the immigration thing? you queued on the international line and bobby stayed in the car on the malaysian line?

eh in london, when there are good toys i always buy kid's meal.. when they look at me, i just say its for my nephew at home.. :D

Horny Ang Moh said...


Kenny Ng said...

LOLOL... that was spider punch? So keng wor...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merv Kwok said...

mwahahah eat happy meal just for happy feet toy


merry christmas mate =)

de pianist said...

halo!back from my trip d..luckily you din update much,or else my eyes gonna roll up and down non stop..lolz..

neway,kyran is sooooo cute!though i don't really like kids,still i just love to see their adorable faces..hehehe..

oh and merry christmas to you o..not late to greet you bah?hehe..=p

Nonnie King said...

Apalah.. Got spam comments..

* * *

Ing Siang : Die lor.. Make me look so desperate to kahwin..
Malu si.

* * *

Luuee : Cheh..Bobby also half naked and short pants all the time. I won't feel malu one.

The penguin rubber only bor.. You want ah? RM0.50 in Popular.

* * *

Sha : I see you also order kid's meal huh? But I guess Brunei's service are still not as good as Singapore's.

I'm on top of the "Kidnapping Kyran" list actually. But we can pakat lah.

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Hhahahaa. I walked down to chop his car form and he queue in the Malaysian line.

I'm so going to learn your 'alasan', "It's for my nephew.

* * *


* * *

Kenny : What a nice name, SPIDER PUNCH!!!

Spider-King punya tactic bor, of cos keng lah.

Nonnie King said...

Merv : Cool leh? No rules saying 23 years old cannot buy Happy Meal mah/

* * *

Pauline : Hehe. I malas update cos feel like not much people reading mah.

I do agree that people punya kids are always cutest, when it comes to own one.. it's mafan. Hehehe.

Oh, not to late to greet, today is Xmas!

lunaticgal said...

hahaha u say his face look like ppl owe him money!
i wish he read this!

but he really looks serious.